Schoolgirls sing a Burt Bacharach song for the UN's Climate Change Conference

"What the world needs now is love"
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MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Schoolgirls send special message of hope to next week's UN Conference on Climate Change in Spain, organized by The Film Company.

A new music cliplaunched today on behalf of some school students who joined forces with the Producer of RIDE LIKE A GIRL to send a special message of hope to next weeks UN Conference on Climate Change in Spain. The clip will be played at the Conference. Film-maker Richard Keddie from The Film Company (Ride Like A Girl; Oddball, Hawke, Little Fish) has teamed up with the students of Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School. They acquired the rights to the famous Burt Bacharach song - "What the world needs now is Love." Richard directed the video.

One of the singers Mia in Year 11 said: "It is our hope that the delegates will come together to address the global climate issues in a compassionate and caring way and this song is our plea for constructive and co-operative leadership to guide us through these complex issues. As children of today and adults of the future our voices need to be heard and our concerns listened to." Mia is a student at Lowther Hall and is Chair of the school's Social Justice Committee.

Bishop Huggins will be playing the Film Clip at the conference where he is an Official Delegate on behalf of the World Council of Churches at the Conference. Richard and Philip collaborated with students at Lowther Hall to discuss their concerns and fears about the future, and Richard translated their ideas into the film clip.

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Richard Keddie said that he was overwhelmed by the talent and wisdom of the girls he collaborated with and hopes that the girls' message resonates loudly around the world. "It is unbelievable to think that we are knowingly burning our world, our home from out beneath us. The truth and in the case of climate change, the science, is too easily lost in the vortex of the 24 hours news cycle, where controversy is far more important than truth. Sadly, there is a pervading sense of meanness in the world which is invading our lives and disrupting our relationships. What we read and see is not truly reflective of how wonderful the human race is and can be. It is leading our children into a future no-one wishes for. It has to change. We have to change. Through this song I hope we can recognise how dangerous a game we are playing at, and how important it is that love and understanding underline our approach to the major issues ahead," Richard said.

Bishop Huggins said he is taking this message of love and peace into the conference. "To give our young people a better future this Conference must succeed. We, the human family need to become a more benign, a more loving presence on the planet."

The Principal of Lowther Hall - Ms Elisabeth Rhodes, said she was extremely proud of the work the girls have contributed to this important song, and she hopes that it will help focus the UN delegates on the wishes of younger Australians hoping for a more compassionate approach to solving the major challenges we are all facing.

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