Secoo Joins Hands with Roger Vivier to Forge Secoo WOW Brand Week

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BEIJING, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Secoo (Nasdaq: SECO), the largest premium lifestyle platform in Asia, joins hands with numerous international high-end brands to forge together the Secoo WOW Brand Week with the slogan of "No Appearance without Being WOW". Secoo WOW Brand Week activity collects all the life-cycle forces of Secoo to build exclusive marketing events for cooperating international brands - realizing win-win cooperation while expanding business landscape. Today, Paris classic footwear brand Roger Vivier also officially joins the name list of the Secoo WOW Brand Week to build together a higher-end and immersive shopping environment and convenient and beautiful lifestyle.

Roger Vivier, a brand named after its designer Roger Vivier, has always enjoyed a reputation as the "Faberge of footwear". Since 1937 when the first workshop was opened at rue Royale in Paris, Roger Vivier has been devoted to breaking the limits of the conventional design while still following the golden rule of beauty and balance. Vivier invented heels such as the Aiguille, Choc, Virgule, and Polichinelle, to name but a few, bringing about a revolution to the fashion for women. The brand's creations have adorned the feet of the most desirable and most powerful women all over the world: Marlene Dietrich, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Elizabeth Taylor, among many others.

Roger Vivier launched, during the Secoo WOW Brand Week, the Secoo exclusive sneakers - gray and white Viv' Run sneaker - combines special materials and fashionable outline. The sneakers feature unique carved curves, and are designed with 7.5 cm hidden heels to pay tribute to Vivier's classic the Choc heel; the 3D geometric pattern decorations blend visual art into the design; and the classic Roger Vivier logos can be found in the interiors of the sneakers, recreating the elegant Parisian style of the 1960s. At present, 16 kinds of color combination have been launched to meet the needs of style matching. But Viv' Run's exclusive limited editions - the white and gray sneakers - are available only in Secoo. Roger Vivier coincides with Secoo in the interpretation of premium lifestyle as it relies on the full-matrix superior resources of Secoo in marketing, truly endows the brand with consumer channels online and offline through all-field marketing tools, and realizes the effective implementation of marketing as well as effective transfer of sales.

Secoo will team up with Roger Vivier to open the Wow brand week from April 22 to April 28 to create gorgeous moments for women. Roger Vivier will introduce a range of exquisite footwear and accessories to make your shining moments memorable. Integrated brand marketing not only conforms to the new market trend of consumption upgrading, but also wins the favor of the majority of young consumers. Li Rixue, the Founder and CEO of Secoo Group, spoke on the event: "In 2019, the WOW Brand Week forged by Secoo will join hands with many luxury brands to hold 20 or more joint marketing activities. We are committed to building the WOW Brand Week into an important field for brand upgrade and marketing. Secoo will endow its various advantages in data and channels on the Internet and in offline shops to the settled brands, and accelerate the combination of brand promotion and sales to provide a more pioneering growth path and development space for the settled brands."

Secoo WOW Brand Week handpicks quality products to achieve accurate and effective integrated marketing, laying a good foundation for the cooperation with two companies. Secoo, which is undergoing brand upgrade, focuses on the 'small social media + big e-commerce' strategy through the overall upgrades of technology, supply chain and organization, engages with consumers through all-encompassing e-commerce channels, and brings huge traffic to online brand official store to help achieve sales goals. Together with Secoo, a platform gathering high-end consumers, Roger Vivier brand digs deeper into the industry. With the help of data resources, it will penetrate the target consumers more rapidly, explore new marketing channels, and accomplish the goal of jointly developing a new pattern of fashion retail.

Founded in 2008, Secoo now serves more than 27 million high-end consumers and offers over 300 thousand premium products and services sourced from over 3,000 famous domestic and international brands across a wide selection. It is currently China and Asia's largest online upscale product and service platform. Secoo WOW Brand Week will further establish the industry benchmark of "globalized sales platform". Alliances between giants and deep integration of online and offline - Secoo will continue to lead high-end fashion brands and provides Chinese consumers with the touch of international trend.

Since releasing the strategic concept of "Devoted to you", Secoo continuously brings surprises to high-end consumers. The WOW Brand Week starts from the premium lifestyle of users, connects all-around service scenarios, and presents quality goods from all over the world as well as quality customized services. When growing together with the settled brands and realizing win-win, the WOW Week meets the multiple needs of users around the world for material and spiritual life. In the near future, Secoo will join hands with brands to realize the common goal of "No Appearance without Being WOW".

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