Secoo X Chen Man: An Interpretation of Secoo's DNA

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BEIJING, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As Asia's largest premium lifestyle platform, Secoo appointed Federica Marchionni as Secoo International CEO and Group CSO to further explore brand positioning and to better evolve as an international player worldwide. Following Ms. Marchionni's strategy of combining Chinese and western culture, Secoo has chosen to work with Chen Man, China's most influential and popular photographer and visual artist. She is a designated photographer by Elle, Vogue and Bazaar. Chen Man's work is full of her own beauty and art. She also takes pictures for many Chinese celebrities, such as Li Bingbing and Yi Yangqianxi. Chen Man was referred to as "the red-hot fashion photographer changing the way we see China" by CNN. Her own "East Meets West" visual language has revolutionized fashion photography in China from its infancy. She has been working with almost all the major fashion magazines and cooperating with big international luxury brands, such as Dior, Prada, and La Mer.

Secoo's New Brand Image
Secoo's New Brand Image

In cooperation with Chen Man, Secoo launched a new brand campaign with different images representing various aspects and categories of Secoo. For example, the Best of China category and videos speak to different-aged customers. The campaign, "Shoot in Beijing", has strong connections with the Chinese heritage fused with the current lifestyle and future trends. It speaks to consumers of every age who seek out premium lifestyles. The general concept of this campaign is to show Secoo's determination to embrace the whole world with Chinese aesthetics and DNA, from its landmarks to Tai Ji.

Under the indifferent and alien morandi color textures with apricot tiles quadrangles, the color of Secoo (Yellow/Orange) leaps out vividly. The visual impact is quite attractive without any contradictions. The combination of classic architecture behind fashion models adds mystery to the ancient building and represents the peace and beauty of Chinese culture and Secoo's philosophy. In this image, Secoo integrates Chinese traditional landmarks and elegant models, an appeal between architectures and human - a collision by colors.

Although the Western world is performing better in the luxury industry, Secoo is dedicated to making the Chinese fashion industry more competitive by incorporating the essence of Western luxury brands into Chinese ones, a talent which Chen Man is well known for.

Ms. Marchionni said "capturing the rising China consumers' demand will be the first step of the strategy; through more direct partnerships with western and eastern brands we can have a more competitive supply chain, leading to a more curated product selection, which ultimately will help to attract consumers worldwide."

Chen Man also mentioned that it was a pleasure to start the wonderful journey with Ms. Marchionni and the Secoo team, who capture the needs of Chinese consumers really well. She would love to expand the collaboration with Secoo in a new campaign channel using the short video App Bigshot to create fun short video campaigns for Secoo fans. Meanwhile, for the purpose of producing this world-class work with Chen Man, Secoo is also in cooperation with Lamborghini and Reignwood Star Aviation. Reignwood Star Aviation is part of Reignwood Group and one of the biggest providers and operators of general aviation services in China. Both brands provided Secoo with their iconic products. These brand campaign images and videos will help Secoo to speak the same language with luxury brands.

The brand images will be published beginning from the end of October and in the November issues of fashion magazines. Additionally, Chinese outdoor landmarks, such as Beijing Grand Pacific, Beijing Capital Mall, Shanghai Super Brand Mall and Shanghai Westgate Mall, will also display the images.

With the goal of better serving the customers and elevating the brand image to a more upscale level, Secoo has accelerated actions to thrive in the competitive field. The partnership with Chen Man will bring more power to Secoo and strengthen their premium positioning. In the future, Secoo will continue to expand its premium life cycle and establish quality service for high-end consumers.

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