Six S-64 Air Crane® Helicopters Continue Fight in Australia

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2020-01-04 10:29 1246

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PORTLAND, Oregon, Jan. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Erickson Incorporated, a worldwide leading operator, maintainer, and manufacturer of utility aircraft, is continuing to fight the devastating Australian bushfires into the new year armed with Six Air Crane® helicopters. 

Six S-64 Air Crane® Helicopters Continue Fight in Australia
Six S-64 Air Crane® Helicopters Continue Fight in Australia

As of Thursday, January 2nd, New South Wales declared a 7-day state of emergency as Australia's deadly bushfires rage. This is the third time in 3 months that Australia has declared a state of emergency. Wind is expected to get stronger over the next couple of days – expecting a very dangerous weekend – with Saturday being the worst of it. Erickson crews have been deployed in Australia experiencing first-hand the complexity of these fires. 

"What keeps us going is the support and thanks of the rural communities of Australia. Every day people come to look at the Air Crane and thank us for our efforts and commitment to fighting the fires alongside what can only be called the best fire service in the world, the Australian Volunteer Fire Service." Erickson Crew, Australia 

With Erickson's rotary-wing aircraft, they're able to quickly access austere and remote areas of Australia to strategically battle the blaze. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility that the S-64 gives enable ground crews to more easily deploy, react, and course correct to eliminate threats across the Australian nation. 

There are six S-64 Air Crane® helicopters strategically fighting the devastating fires: 
Tail # N247AC "Jerry" – New South Wales
Tail # N189AC "Gypsy Lady" – New South Wales 
Tail # N194AC "Delilah" – Victoria 
Tail # N243AC "Marty" – Victoria
Tail # N218AC "Elsie" – South Australia
Tail # N154AC "Georgia Peach" – Western Australia

For 21 years, Erickson has worked alongside their partner Kestrel and the Australian firefighting community to save homes, lives, and property and has been a staple in the Australian community. In 2001, ELVIS became the most famous Air Crane® helicopter in Australia after saving the lives of 14 trapped firefighters. In 2020, Erickson has committed to focus on innovations and developments to the S-64 that will continue to innovate how the aerospace market fights fires in the 21st century. 

"Stopping maintenance in the evening to talk to the locals and give tours of the crane is what gives us that extra push to get through the night and into the next day. Nowhere in the world will you find nicer people than rural Australia. After over 20yrs firefighting in Australia the Air Crane is part of their community, and we are proud to call Australia our home away from home." – Erickson Crew, Australia 

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Erickson is a leading global provider of aviation services specializing in defense and national security, manufacturing, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), and Civil services. Erickson Manufacturing and MRO services include manufacturing the S64 Air Crane® helicopter as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as manufacturing key aerospace parts for aerospace OEMs. Commercial aerial services include the operation of 20 Erickson owned and operated S64 Air Crane® helicopters to perform firefighting, powerline construction, timber harvesting, HVAC, and specialized heavy lift for oil and gas. Founded in 1971, Erickson is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and maintains operations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Australia. 

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