SmartSens Announces Six New Products in the SmartClarity™ H Series Family

2020-01-23 21:00 453

SHANGHAI, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. today announces the official launch of six new products as part of the SmartClarity™ H Series product family.

Performance Comparison with competitor
Performance Comparison with competitor

The products announced -- SC8238H, SC5238H, SC4210H, SC4238H, SC2210H, and SC2310H -- have been developed to provide significant improvement over previous generation products in lowering dark current and reducing white pixels and temperature noise suitable to use in home surveillance and other video based applications. The outstanding performance of these products are comparable to industry-leading state-of-the-art CMOS sensor companies.

Reduction of Dark Current, Temp Noise and White Pixel in SmartClarity H Series
Reduction of Dark Current, Temp Noise and White Pixel in SmartClarity H Series

The latest product portfolio from the SmartClarity H Series ranges from 2-to-8 million pixel resolution - the industry standard for commonly used video applications. These products are also both electrical and mechanical pin-to-pin compatible with SmartSens' other CIS products in the same optical format, making it possible for seamless upgrades by the users.

One of the harsh environmental metrics that drive image quality in commercial security surveillance devices and consumer home IoT cameras is the sensor junction temperature reached during the 24/7, noncyclic operations often found in these devices. There is an established direct correlation: the higher the device junction temperature, the higher the dark current level and the higher the noise level.

In a benchmark comparison, the six new products see up to a 50% reduction of dark current, 20% decrease in white pixel level and 10% decline in noise level.

"Overheating and high temperature has been the culprit that creates bottlenecks to excellent CIS image quality, especially in the field of non-stop running security applications. As the leader in Security CIS sensors, we've always set our sight in tackling this issue. As we see the improvements from our high-performing CIS technologies," noted Chris Yiu, CMO of SmartSens, "We're reaching the level comparable to other top-notch industry leaders."

Samples and product support for these six products are now available. To learn more about the H-series product line, or to request a sample, please contact us at:

About SmartSens

SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-performance CMOS image sensing (CIS) chip design company. The company was founded in 2011, is headquartered in Shanghai and has both research centers and sales offices in various cities around the world, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Hsinchu and San Jose, California.

SmartSens is dedicated to providing future-oriented and world-leading CMOS image sensing products. With an international and accomplished research team, SmartSens owns a suite of proprietary technologies, including full color night vision, DSI Pixel, global exposure built on voltage domain architecture and Stack BSI processes, among many others.

SmartSens has always kept the needs of the customer first, constantly innovating with the goal of providing the customer with high-quality video capturing solutions, with products in Security & Surveillance, Automotive, Machine Vision, consumer electronics (sports cameras, drones, automatic vacuums, smart home), and other application fields. Since 2017, SmartSens has maintained its lead in the CIS Security & Surveillance global market share for two consecutive years, and it has made achievements in machine vision, artificial intelligence, among other applications.


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