Sogou Unveils its AI Vocational Avatar "Yanny" at China Online Literature+ Conference 2019

Sogou partners with leading multimedia and cultural companies to expand application of Sogou Vocational Avatar into multimedia and IP industries
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BEIJING, Aug. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sogou Inc. (NYSE: SOGO) ("Sogou" or "the Company"), an innovator in search and a leader in China's internet industry, today launched its proprietary AI Vocational Avatar "Yanny" at the China Online Literature+ Conference held on August 9-11, 2019 in Beijing (COL+ 2019). During the conference, Sogou also announced partnerships with Xinhua News Agency, Migu, and Zhangyue Technology to further expand the application of the Sogou Vocational Avatar technology into the multimedia and IP industries.

With a growing number of readers in China consuming and enjoying literature online, COL+ is now one of the most influential conferences in China's online entertainment and cultural industries. To mark the occasion, Sogou debuted its latest AI Vocational Avatar, called "Yanny," at COL+ 2019. Yanny combines leading technologies in speech synthesis, image detection and prediction capabilities to create an avatar with lifelike expressions and gestures. Yanny delivered the welcome address at COL+ 2019, showcasing Sogou's continued efforts to introduce industry-leading products and integrate technological innovation into traditional internet services.

Sogou Unveils its AI Vocational Avatar “Yanny” at COL+ 2019
Sogou Unveils its AI Vocational Avatar “Yanny” at COL+ 2019

Also at COL+ 2019, Sogou announced collaborations with Xinhua News Agency, China's national news agency, Migu, an online multimedia entertainment subsidiary of China Mobile, and Zhangyue Technology, the China-based developer of "iReader," an e-book reader. Together, Sogou, Xinhua News Agency and Migu will integrate Xin Xiaomeng, the AI News Anchor co-developed by Sogou and Xinhua in 2018, into Migu's upcoming activities that will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Based on Sogou's advanced AI-enabled avatar technologies, Migu users will be able to enjoy an interactive experience with Xin Xiaomeng. Further, Sogou will also collaborate with Zhangyue Technology to build AI Avatars of two popular authors of online literature, marking a key milestone in the application of avatar technologies in China's IP industry. Users will be able to enjoy an improved experience with readings by the two authors' avatars of their respective novels available on Zhangyue's e-reader app.

"We were thrilled to introduce our own proprietary AI Vocational Avatar 'Yanny' at COL+ 2019," said Wang Yanfeng, General Manager of Sogou's Voice Interaction Technology Center. "Our new AI Vocational Avatar and the partnerships created to leverage this offering demonstrate our commitment to exploring wider applications of Sogou's leading AI technologies to further benefit our users and wider communities. We believe that Sogou's Vocational Avatar will enable more natural human-machine interactions and become a future technology trend. We will continue to focus on language-centric AI and to develop technological solutions that are valuable to our customers and various business partners."

Mr. Wang Yanfeng, General Manager of Sogou’s Voice Interaction Technology Center, and representatives of Xinhua News Agency, Migu and Zhangyue at the signing ceremony during COL+ 2019
Mr. Wang Yanfeng, General Manager of Sogou’s Voice Interaction Technology Center, and representatives of Xinhua News Agency, Migu and Zhangyue at the signing ceremony during COL+ 2019

"Yanny" and the other AI virtual characters add to Sogou's existing portfolio, which includes multiple AI News Anchors and the AI Virtual Judge, all of which have been developed over the last year in partnership with domestic and international organizations. In 2018, Sogou and Xinhua News Agency co-developed the world's first English and Chinese-speaking AI News Anchor, which has been in daily use on Xinhua's website since November 2018. In April 2019, Sogou announced a partnership with Abu Dhabi Media to jointly develop the first Arabic-speaking AI News Anchor and in June the company partnered with Xinhua and Russia's news agency ITAR-TASS to launch the world's first Russian-speaking News Anchor. Also in June of this year, Sogou launched the world's first AI Virtual Judge in partnership with the Beijing Internet Court. The AI Virtual Judge provides real-time online intelligent litigation services and helps users to navigate the Beijing Internet Court's online litigation platform, thus providing more convenient and efficient online litigation services for the public.

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