South Korean Beauty Product Leader produces "Demar3 Protecter": Protects Skin against Daylight Damage

The Natural substances Lab INC.
2018-04-25 21:00 709

SEOUL, South Korea, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Natural substances Lab INC. has partnered up for research and development with HnG, a global manufacturing firm and an affiliate of Kolmar Korea, to create Demar3 Estud Protecter 3.2, which penetrates the lower layers of the epidural layer making it impervious to daylight.


The product encourages defense against skin damage by removing ROS with 10 antioxidant ingredients and Taxfolin extracted from alpine roses, and has received recognition and certification for it's whitening and anti-wrinkle effects from the Korean food and drug administration board.

Ms. Jo, Assistant Manager from The Natural substances Lab INC said, "The Protecter is especially effective for those who are exposed to daylight and shows tendencies of different skin conditions during the day and night." He also mentioned that "recent social media attention has led for the product to be sold out."

Our skin is constantly being damaged from various elements during day-light hours and recovers overnight. But as age gets the better of us, collagen, the substance responsible for encouraging skin re-generation, decreases and leads to the accumulation of damage instead of recovering.

According to research (research paper titled "Decreased Collagen Production in Chronologically Aged Skin"), the amount of the skin re-generating collagen starts to sharply decrease from when a person enters their 30s, leading to an average decrease of over 68% by their 80s.

Many try to battle against the damaging effects of aging by using functional cosmetics to reinforce the natural recovery effect, but these products are susceptible to denaturing since the active ingredients are especially weak against UV rays.

Currently, Demar3 Estud Protecter is completely sold out and is only available for pre-order.

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Source: The Natural substances Lab INC.