Squirrel Ai showcases L5-level Large Adaptive Model at AI Summit Seoul

2024-03-25 19:06 1288

The AI adaptive education Unicorn company engages in forward-looking discussions on AI's future with industry giants

SEOUL, South Korea, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Joleen Liang, the co-founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, took the stage as a keynote speaker at the 6th AI Summit Seoul, a prestigious conference renowned for its focus on AI-driven innovation. During the summit, Dr. Liang showcased the company's innovative L5-level AI-powered Large Adaptive Model (LAM) technology, offering insights into the cutting-edge advancements in AI applications. Her discussions with other leading figures in the AI community explored the current and future state of AI technology, contributing significantly to the event's examination of technological innovation. The summit, held in Seoul, drew over 200 professionals and experts from academia, the corporate sector, and research institutions as well as executives from global tech giants such as Microsoft, Meta, Google, and NVIDIA, further highlighting the event's importance in the technology sector's calendar.

Dr. Joleen Liang, co-founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, delivering a speech at the summit.
Dr. Joleen Liang, co-founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, delivering a speech at the summit.

After a decade of relentless dedication to AI education, Squirrel Ai takes the lead in AI-driven LAM technology

With its forward-looking approach, Squirrel Ai has emerged as a pioneering force in China, spearheading the integration of AI adaptive technology into K12 education. The company has not only established itself as a leader in AI educational technology but also advanced market development. Over the past decade, Squirrel Ai has consistently invested in research and development, making technological innovation the cornerstone of its efforts. The company has established joint laboratories with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and partnered with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to undertake technology research projects, further cementing its position as a front-runner in the field of AI education.

Dr. Joleen Liang categorizes adaptive education into six levels, from L0 to L5, reflecting the progression of intelligence. While many in the industry remain at the L2 level, Squirrel Ai's sophisticated L5 adaptive learning system represents a significant breakthrough: it operates independently of human intervention, with AI entirely managing the learning process. Additionally, Squirrel Ai has led the way in merging adaptive technology with large-scale models and recently unveiled the world's first all-subject Large Adaptive Model (LAM), marking another significant leap in product performance.

The proactive development of the AI education ecosystem has led to a significant number of successful implementations

The primary advantage of adaptive education extends beyond personalizing learning experiences to embracing the philosophy of tailoring education to each student's unique strengths and interests. By effectively replicating the capabilities of top-tier educators, the approach not only addresses the challenges of teacher scarcity and uneven distribution found in traditional education, but also drives significant profitability for the AI-powered adaptive education model. To this end, Squirrel Ai has devised a product strategy that effortlessly merges software and hardware, targeting the mid- to high-end segment of the intelligent learning machine market. The integration of LAM technology allows for comprehensive online and offline reach, creating an innovative closed-loop business ecosystem that encompasses the trifecta of "engine, content, and service." Dr. Liang notes that Squirrel Ai has established 2,000 offline service centers for smart learning tablets in 2023, achieving cumulative sales of 200,000 learning tablets sets and a remarkable 300% business growth rate, solidifying its position as the leading AI learning machine brand in China by retail store footprint.



Source: Squirrel Ai Learning