Strive to Build an "Opportunity City": 2019 Chengdu GIEF City Opportunity List Release Conference

11 Countries and Regions and 20 Cities were Present; 11 Application Scenes and 764 Pieces of Information were Released
Chengdu Municipal People’s Government
2019-06-14 22:00 1456

CHENGDU, China, June 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On the morning of June 12, 2019 Chengdu GIEF City Opportunity List Release Conference, hosted by Chengdu Municipal People's Government, was held in the transaction hall of the first pavilion in the Conference and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City. The activity took "Focus on Chengdu and Link the World" as its theme and aimed at promoting and supporting the development of enterprises. Through the publication of the City Opportunity List, the application scenes, development opportunities and project cooperation turned into sensible and accessible city cooperation opportunities, which was beneficial for both cities and enterprises to seize the chances of global development and cooperation in time.

Background: Re-Understanding of the Application Scenarios

Since 2017, Chengdu has set developing a new economy to foster a new economic driving force as a key strategy for urban development and takes the lead in proposing an urban scene theory and forming gradually a series of new initiatives and new ideas around the "application scenario supply" to gather innovation wisdom, encourage entrepreneurial behavior, and stimulate creativity so as to facilitate the further liberation and development of social productive forces, and provide a continuous source of endogenous motivation and innovation for quality sustainable and healthy development of Chengdu. Constructing diversified urban application scenarios has become a new logic to promote the development of new economy. The scenario has three functions: The first is connection empowerment. Through the integration of offline and online scenes, dynamic matching of supply and demand can be improved. In addition, the service capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises can be enhanced due to the rapid feedback and network synergy. The second is cross-border symbiosis, which can break industrial boundaries, realize aggregation and sharing, mutual penetration and cross-border integration of various resources in the scene, and therefore promote the transition from survival competition to symbiotic development among enterprises. The third is to hatch and settle, which can provide a healthy market environment for innovation, offer enterprises proper commercial value to meet the needs of users and urban development, and promote the incubation of technological achievements.

Nowadays, Chengdu is accelerating the construction of a city that fully reflects the new development concept, and that promotes the construction of a national central city, an international hub city, a beautiful livable park city, and a global cultural city. It also has released a large number of needs and opportunities to achieve an organic link between commercial development and city opportunities.

In March this year, Chengdu first unleashed the first City Opportunity List, focusing on "7 application scenes + N expanded scenes", and changing the application scenes into sensible, visual and accessible city opportunities from the dimensions of planning and layout, infrastructure construction, resource factors supply, public products (services) and solutions. Additionally, Chengdu will actively release public resource elements with the method of setting projects, index and inventories, reducing bottlenecks such as unsatisfactory efficiency of scenarios supply, poor docking of supply and demand, and fragmentation of information, providing enterprises with new technologies, new organizations, new industries, and new practice of business mode, new chance of integration of innovation, which will in turn inject new momentum into economic growth. The "City Opportunities List" released this time will further link the future of new economy and urban development needs, providing global investors, enterprises and talents with access and opportunities in their development in Chengdu, and constantly inspiring the vitality, innovation and in-born power of urban development.

Speciality: Opportunity List and Re-Empowerment

The city opportunity list is a derivative of the series of new economic theory and the transformation of achievements of Chengdu, and is another innovative practice to promote the landing of the scene. After the release of the first round of city opportunity list, Chengdu New Economic Commission took the initiative to draw on the opinions and suggestions from the whole society, grasp the new opportunities of the new era and fuel the potential progress to be made by the List, continue to optimize the classification of the List, and promote the change from unilateral drive of the government into two-way supply of government and market, and from a closed-in one to an open source sharing one. The upgraded version of the List enhances (expands) the following important functions.

First, create application scenarios and improve demonstration and promotion, to rely on the List to build application scenarios, support enterprises to provide innovative products and services to build new urban scenes, select mature application scenarios to demonstrate and promote, and drive the penetration of cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and emerging formats in urban production, daily life and governance.

Second, improve the docking mechanism and strengthen the precision service, to focus on the specific supply and demand information of the List and to achieve accurate matching of government resources and enterprise needs, efficient docking, and continuous optimization of government services through product (service) supply and demand matchmaking meeting, negotiation meeting, brand recommendation meeting and "Internet+" service in order to create a good business environment fro the main bodies in the market.

Third, link to global development and serve to open to the outside world. The Belt and Road Initiative has reshaped China's opening-up pattern, and Chengdu has jumped from a "hinterland" to an "open frontier". The release of the List this time invited 20 cities from 11 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong to participate. As a bridge link to the world, more outstanding companies will have an insight into global development opportunities in Chengdu, the "city of opportunity".

Fourth, highlight the role of "backbone" and promote regional synergy. The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee made a strategic plan of "one backbone with many sub-branches, five-zone synergy". As a "main" city that leads the development of Sichuan, Chengdu actively plays a role in radiating other places, and actively connects the city (state) to create complementary advantages and cooperation,and create win-win cooperative community. Chengdu invited three cities, Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang, to jointly publish the List, to show the blueprint for the development of brother cities through the stage of Chengdu, and promote and deepen the cooperation between "core" and "body" in reform linkage, innovation coordination, and service sharing.

Content: Re-Construction of City Opportunity

The List published this time uses the logic of the scene to sort out the development opportunities of Chengdu and international friendship cities and brother cities, and encourage and guide outstanding enterprises to realize value and achieve development in the process of economic globalization. Compared with the former list, this one has achieved "two expansions". First, it expands the scope of the subject. It not only adds in the special section of the eastern new city in Chengdu, but also aggregated the urban development opportunities of international cities(regions) and brother cities in the province. Second, it expands supply and demand information. This time, a total of 764 pieces of supply and demand information is released, 314 more than the first one, including 5 aspects of enterprise such as collaboration and marketing.

The latest list serves for national strategic pattern, focusing on the substantial economy, rural revitalization, smart city, green and low carbon and other eight application scenarios and releasing 499 opportunities information. Among them, there are 365 demand information, involving 116 sub-divisions such as TOD comprehensive development and Tianfu Citizen Cloud, including: 150 of infrastructure construction demand information, releasing financing demand of more than 120 billion RMB yuan; planning preparation and solution demand information totaling 91 pieces,  40 pieces of elemental demand information, involving talents, capital, and technology; 84 of other demand information such as product services and enterprise collaboration, covering almost all aspects of production, life and urban governance. 134 pieces of information on supply information, including e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing, medical health and other sub-divisions, providing 10 public service platform information, 32 dual-generation carrier information, 26 investment service directories, and 66 enterprise product (service) directories.

The second list highlights the development features of Chengdu, focusing on three application scenarios of the eastern new city, park city and three cities and three capitals, and releases 152 pieces of opportunity information, including 131 pieces of demand information, involving the smart driving demonstration line of Jianzhou New City New Economic Industrial Park and other 47 sub-segments, including: 58 pieces of infrastructure construction demand information, releasing financing demand of more than 110 billion RMB yuan; 15 pieces of product service, major activity demand information; 11 pieces of talent, capital, technology and other factors demand information; planning and preparation, solutions and other requirements information 32 pieces. 21 pieces of information on public service platforms, dual-creation carriers, directory of investment services, and lists of enterprise products (services).

The second city opportunity list assists regional coordinated development, and concentrated on 74 pieces of opportunities information in the brother cities of Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang. Among them, there are 67 pieces of infrastructure information, 7 on public service platform, enterprise products(supply) list of supply information, including 8 sub-application scenarios such as smart city and cultural tourism. 

The second list links to global economic development, bringing together 39 pieces of opportunity information from 20 international cities (regions), including 19 on corporate collaborations, solutions, and other information, 20 on public service platforms, corporate product(services) information on supply, including traditional economically developed cities such as Hong Kong, China and London, and fast-growing emerging cities such as Rhodes in Poland and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Chengdu: A Rising "Opportunity City" for New Economy

The "City Opportunity List" is a derivative and transformation of the theory of Chengdu Municipal Committee and Municipal Government on the development of new economy and the cultivation of new driving forces. It is another institutional innovation in Chengdu to explore new economic development and promote the implementation of the scene. In order to share the List with more cities, the Government's portal website ( has opened a column of the city opportunity list release hall to update the information online for the whole world. People can also pay attention to the official website of Chengdu New Economic Committee and the official WeChat public channel.

Chengdu will take the lead of the times with a more open and inclusive attitude. It is committed to shaping the List into an international, diversified and platformized urban brand, linking global development opportunities, deepening urban exchanges and cooperation, promoting enterprise innovation and development, and striving to build a new global urban opportunity distribution center and new economic innovation source, to create a cooperative and exchange core of the community with shared future for mankind. 

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Source: Chengdu Municipal People’s Government