Tencent Music's TME live Special Program on ''99 Giving Day'' Inspires Fans to Accept and Love Themselves

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SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The live performance brand of Tencent Music Entertainment Group(TME) (NYSE: TME), TME live, teamed up with Tencent "99 Giving Day" and the Rainbow Chamber Singers to host an online concert titled "Learn to Love Yourself," streaming live on QQ Music, KuGou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing. Hosted on September 9, a symbolic date in Tencent's annual 99 Giving Day charity campaign, the concert combined the art of music, philanthropy and the choir's healing message that everyone should try to "love yourself, help build a tremendous world".

TME established the Tencent Music Charity Program in 2018 to focus on the mission of improving public welfare through the transformative power of music. The philanthropic program focuses on three strategies: caring for music, cultural heritage, and music education. The special "Learn to Love Yourself" online concert, presented by TME live, brought this year's 99 Giving Day to a successful and warm conclusion, raising public awareness about the importance of charitable giving.

The Rainbow Chamber Singers are a choir group known for combining catchy rhythms and humorous lyrics with powerful messages, to exude both warmth and strength in their original songs. Jin Chengzhi, head of the choir, said no matter the genre or singing style, or what kind of life they are singing about, the Rainbow Chamber Singers aim to touch the hearts and bring a warm feeling to every member of the audience. He hopes that in this fast-paced era the choir can "fill the pockets of every listener with stars."

Zhou Bohan, another musician featured in the online concert, is a highly adept and talented piano player who is also autistic. During the online concert, he and the Rainbow Chamber Singers dedicated the song "I Have a Pocket Full of Stars" to autistic children everywhere. The message of the song is that every "child of the stars," a term in China for people with autism, can love him or herself, be loved and cared for by others and be wholly accepted by society.

TME hopes that music will encourage autistic children to discover their individual talents and potential and let them shine like stars. The TME live event wanted to showcase the starlight-like power of autistic children and help open doors in their lives with music.

Since launching, TME live has made its mission to support all forms of music and help musicians achieve their dreams. By providing artists with a tailored performance venue and bringing their music to a larger audience, TME live hopes to help artists realize the true value and impact of their music. This innovative performance form brings fans and musicians together, shares a powerful message of caring and healing, and encourages everyone to follow their dreams.

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