The 2019 Xi'an Global Key & Core Technology Conference held on October 29-31

XI'AN, China, Nov. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 Xi'an Global Key & Core Technology Conference, themed "Key & Core Tech: Powering Innovation", was held on October 29-31 in Xi'an, China. Renowned scientists, economists, entrepreneurs and investors from home and abroad gathered to explore various technology innovations arising from research into Key and core technologies. They were also able to gain insights into the first-rate development taking place in high-tech industries.

Scene of the 2019 Xi'an Global Key & Core Technology Conference
Scene of the 2019 Xi'an Global Key & Core Technology Conference

The Key & Core Technology concept was first adopted by Xi'an as a way of referring to state-of-the-art pioneering technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotechnology, optoelectronic chips, information technology, new materials, new energy and intelligent manufacturing. This was characterized by independent research and development, long-term accumulation, high technical thresholds, and inbuilt intellectual property protections.

In recent years, Xi'an has invested abundant scientific and educational resources to enable a focus on Key & Core Technology, thereby facilitating exploration of new pathways for the transformation of universities and scientific research institutions, and activation of numerous scientific research outcomes, both theoretical in publications and practical in laboratories.

Key & Core Technology is also becoming a new channel for collaboration between cities within China as well as internationally. In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chishine3D, a company in Xi'an, has established a database of 430,000 images of human faces, enabling rapid 3D modeling on a device that costs less than RMB10,000. Confident in the development prospects of Key & Core Technology in Xi'an, Nobel Prize Laureate, Avram Hershko, collaborated with a private enterprise in Shaanxi to build a biology laboratory - the Chinese Peptide Library - which undertakes research and development into synthetic peptides. Another Nobel Prize Laureate, Daniel Shechtman, established a Nobel Prize Lab in Xi'an and worked together with the Xi'an University of Technology to conduct research into magnesium alloy-based 3D printing.

During the conference, a number of Key & core technology industry projects were put into effect, which will enable the construction in Xi'an of a number of Key & core technology innovation platforms, transformation platforms, and Belt and Road cooperation platforms. So the ancient city of Xi'an is evolving into the Capital of Key & Core Technology.

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