The 21st SIFF in Full Swing with a Warm Atmosphere

SHANGHAI, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The ten-day 21st Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was unveiled on June 16 with the 21st Golden Goblet Ceremony. Over ten thousand guests in the film industry from more than 70 countries and regions in the world join Chinese filmmakers in this annual film gala.

At the Red Carpet of Golden Goblet Ceremony held on the evening of June 16, Jason Statham, Christoph Waltz, Nicolas Cage and other stars around the world appeared. The presidents of film festivals and the representatives of film agencies worldwide, including Thierry Fremaux, director of Cannes Film Festival, and Chinese and oversees film crews participating in the competitions and presentations made their appearance together, attracting media from all over China and the rest of the world, leaving Shanghai with a star-studded night.

The 21st SIFF organizes a film submission globally for the competitions and panorama. It has attracted 3,447 film entries from 108 countries and regions and selected 13 films from countries to enter the Main Competition of Golden Goblet Awards. The jury of the Awards led by Chinese director and actor Jiang Wen have already begun the selection; more than 500 Chinese and foreign films selected for screening are divided into 30 units and are shown in 45 theaters in Shanghai. The crews of over 100 films will meet the audience in the theaters, which will attract hundreds of thousands of fans from all over China.

On the first day of the film festival, representatives of 31 film festival agencies from 29 countries signed the cooperation memorandum of The Belt and Road Film Festival League. The activities of The Belt and Road Film Week have also been fully carried out; revolving around the theme of "Film Co-Production", the film market has held more than 100 activities in various forms, intriguing the guests in the film industry from countries. Daily negotiating activities have taken place one after another in warm and friendly atmosphere, and the number of buyers and sellers participating in the presentations has also increased significantly.

The SIFForum has become a hot topic these days and drawn extensive attention. The theme of exploring the new development of Chinese film industry has also aroused a strong interest of Chinese and national counterparts. China is moving steadily from a country with large film production to one with high-quality film production. The discussion of the theme of the SIFForum will help people in the film industry broaden their horizons, inspire ideas and promote development.

During the festival, there are also activities such as the selection of Asian New Talent Award, SIFF Project, film plan and project launches. Among them, the "Shanghai Film and Television Shooting Guide", "Songjiang Hi-tech Films and Televisions City", "Internet Summit" and other press conferences introduce Shanghai service policies for filming, setting-up, and cooperation for Chinese and foreign film and television agencies, which attract a great attention from a large number of film festival guests.

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Source: The Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Film Festival