The Global Sharing Economy Forum and GLASE Founding Ceremony advocate "dual reduction" vision

ToJoy principally sponsored the Forum and supports the vision

VIENNA, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 29, the Global Sharing Economy Forum & the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE) Founding Ceremony were successfully held in Austrian capital of Vienna. In a speech, Mr. Kevin Rudd said: "As rapid technological change is challenging the growth of traditional industries, we believe that every individual and organization has value to offer. We are committed to providing a sharing platform for businesses from diverse backgrounds to share resources, opportunities and successes. Hand-in-hand, we aspire to create a sustainable new economic model that enables every member of the business community to thrive for many years to come."

Junqing Lu (Executive Chairman of GLASE), Jun Ge (Secretary-General of GLASE), Boris Tadić (Standing Chairman of GLASE, former President of Serbia), Werner Faymann (former Prime Minister of Austria), George Papandreou (former Prime Minister of Greece), José María Figueres Olsen (former President of Costa Rica, the first CEO of World Economy Forum), Enrico Letta (Co-Chairman of GLASE, former Italian Prime Minister), Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas (Vice-President of GLASE, former Portuguese Deputy Prime Minister), John Russell Baird (former Canadian Foreign Minister), Max Baucus (former U.S. Ambassador to China), 26 policital leaders including, Wei Han (Co-President of ToJoy), Xiangnong Cao (Senior Vice President of ToJoy), and Jennifer Lu (Charity Ambassador of GLASE) attended the forum.

Fengyun Lei, the Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, Doris Bures, the Second Speaker of the Austrian National Assembly, and Peter Hanker, the Minister of Finance and Economy of the City of Vienna, also attended the event.

In addition, Nikolaus Schultze (Global Policy Director of the International Chamber of Commerce), Ming Jiang (President of China Business Association), Li Xiaojun, Vice President of China Industrial Development Association of national development and Reform Commission, Peter Vesterbacka (founder of Angry Birds and co-founder of  and MobileMonday), William (Bill) Le Voir-Barry (Chief Technology Officer of IBM Video Games), April Rinne (Global Youth Leader of World Economic Forum) also attended the conference. More than 250 people including celebrities and entrepreneurs from various fields around the world were in attendance.

GLASE officially established
GLASE officially established

The theme of the forum was "Embracing the Great Sharing Economy." There are great challenges in today's global economy. As a result, the concept of "Great Sharing" was proposed, which symbolizes new opportunities that can be constantly created to achieve sustainable development of the world economy. The Global Sharing Economy Forum also introduced the strategic vision of  "dual reduction" , which is based on the premise of being able to halve required resources and working hours through this "Great Sharing" concept.

Werner Faymann, Chairman of the GLASE Europe West Chapter and former Austrian Prime Minister, said in a welcome speech: "Global economic integration is the trend of the times, and the 'Great Sharing' concept advocated by this forum can greatly expand the boundaries of business exchanges, break the national borders of global commerce and achieve common development."

GLASE was formally established under the joint initiative of political and business leaders from multiple countries at the meeting. As a global non-profit organization, GLASE will be committed to promoting the sharing and interconnection of resources in the global business community, and will contribute to the sustainable development of the global economy with the concept of "Great Sharing." Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was elected as the first chairman of GLASE, and more than twenty other former political figures from other countries hold other leadership positions in the Alliance.

GLASE with guests from various fields
GLASE with guests from various fields

The conference also held a special discussion on the direction and development of the sharing economy. The moderator of the discussion was Jose Maria Figueres Olsen, who is chairman of the GLASE Latin American Chapter, the former President of Costa Rica and the first CEO of the World Economic Forum.

During the forum, the Secretary-General of the Alliance, Ge Jun, predicted that the full development of the great sharing economy could bring about a "dual reduction" effect. "Dual reduction" means that under the new economic model of the general great sharing economy, the world will see a dual boost of resources and efficiency. This model will promote the exchange of knowledge, skills and funds, which can be maximized to improve efficiency and value. In the end, the aim is to reduce the global consumption of new resources by 50 percent while also reducing people's working hours by 50 percent.

The idea behind this is that in the era of the great sharing economy, anyone can use resources as needed without owning them. The right of use can be effectively allocated, and potentially critical resources will be fully utilized. At the same time, the increase in efficiency will lead to a reduction in working hours, and people can refocus their time on innovation and enjoyment of interesting things.

The proposal of "dual reduction" not only provides us with a new perspective on global sustainable development and resource protection, but also provides a new way for people to get out of the global resource dilemma.

On the day GLASE was established, the Secretary-General of the Alliance, Ge Jun, released the Global Great Sharing Cloud (GGSC), an online business social media platform that enables global business chambers and GLASE member enterprises to have barrier-free interaction and exchanges. Ge Jun also announced that GLASE will host the Global Sharing Economy Leaders Summit in different cities worldwide to promote the cooperation and mutual success of leading enterprises around the world. An international consulting committee and a global sharing economy research institute will also be established to guide and support the development of the GLASE

As a leading practitioner of the "Great Sharing" concept, ToJoy Shared Holding Group from China received extensive attention at the forum. Ge Jun, the Global CEO of ToJoy, was promoted to be Secretary-General of GLASE. He said: "GLASE is a sharing platform where modern companies can maximize their potential. They can share resources, funds and the best talents for each project so that local businesses can grow rapidly across national borders. GLASE is like an orchestra, ready for the next masterpiece of Commercial Mozart."

Speech by Ge Jun, Secretary-General of GLASE, the Global CEO of ToJoy
Speech by Ge Jun, Secretary-General of GLASE, the Global CEO of ToJoy

ToJoy is also the major sponsor of this event. After 28 years of development, ToJoy has become a global enterprise empowerment platform with the mission of "Empower business, share happiness." Since 2018, ToJoy has accelerated more than 130 enterprises, becoming China's largest unicorn enterprise accelerator. In its many years of practice, ToJoy has explored a set of proven and successful business models, demonstrating that resource and business opportunity sharing can accomplish interconnections and exchanges. In addition, ToJoy has many supporting services, including marketing, sales, project management, funding, capital management, IPO support, business intelligence, etc.. They are highly consistent with GLASE's "Great Sharing" philosophy. A large number of outstanding companies such as DHC Software, Origin Water, Sousoushenbian, Zhongshanghuimin, have successively entered ToJoy's global enterprise empowerment platform. ToJoy is already the largest unicorn accelerator in China and a successful practitioner in the era of great sharing economy.

The convening of the first Global Sharing Economy Forum and the establishment of GLASE opened a new chapter of the great sharing economy era and expanded the cooperation of the global business community. The proposal of the "dual reduction" theory provides a new way for people to get out of the current global resource predicament. We have reasons to believe that under the initiative of GLASE, global politics and business can work together to grow and finally achieve "dual reduction."

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