The New SDREAM Urban E-bike Debuts, Hitting the Green Travel Market

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The SDREAM Ur e-bike launches today at 10 a.m. EST. With increasing traffic jams, advances in technology and ever-growing needs for sustainable mobility the growth and development of e-bikes continues to rise. With the innovative patented rubber anti-vibration damping system, 2-step easy folding portability, one charge up to 50 miles / 80 km battery, the new SDREAM e-bike might become the most optimal alternative to polluting vehicles.

SDREAM Ur E-Bike Is Launching Today
SDREAM Ur E-Bike Is Launching Today

SDREAM Ur E-Bike Is Launching Today

The SDREAM team has experience with the research and development of smart folding e-bikes. SDREAM Ur is the second generation product and they already succeeded with the first bike in April, 2019. The first version SDREAM e-bike included features with smart applications which provided IoT solutions to an all-terrain e-bike. It racked up more than $450,000 with 595 backers. Half a year later, SDREAM Ur was created to focus on daily commuters and frequent travelers.

Three main GPS features are included for Ur backers. Real-time positioning, remote theft-alert and cycling routes records could provide detailed data and protect the bike with high-level security via a smartphone.

Ur developed the innovative rubber anti-vibration damping system which can absorb 95% of the vibration. It also achieves the goal that riders can fold the bikes with 2 steps in less than 6 seconds. The features makes it the best mate for urban explorations.

Powered by an advanced brushless DC Motor, Ur allows users to reach up to 20 mph (32km/h) with a full electric mode and it's even easier to surpass 25 mph when pedalingCycling efforts will be displayed on the advanced LED dashboard. The extremely powerful lithium-ion battery gives a long-lasting performance up to 50 miles with a single charge. Paired with the advanced torque sensor, Ur can precisely sense the users pedaling and offer the optimal electric-assist timely.

Built with advanced magnesium alloy, an environmentally friendly material with the perfect combination of stability and light weight, Ur gives the riders maximum comfort and fantastic portability. A hidden, but removable battery that has been built into the seat post. All of these careful designs gives Ur a minimalist, streamlined look.

SDREAM team is back with an upgraded project -- the surprising price of new SDREAM Ur starts from $699, up to 64% off for limited early birds. It is expected that SDREAM Ur would become the best alternative to urban vehicles.

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