The Transfer Robot with the Largest Load Tonnage in the World Appears in China

SHANGHAI, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The articulated six-axis transfer robot Honyen "King Kong" with the largest load in the world, developed by Honyen Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has been launched recently and displayed at the 24th BEW held in SNIEC, which stirs the industry.

Honyen "King Kong" at the 24th BEW
Honyen "King Kong" at the 24th BEW

The Honyen "King Kong" composed of 6 DOF joints has a wingspan of 4 m, a total weight of more than 24 tons, a working radius of 3.8 m, and an effective load of 3.6 t.

Huang Qigang, the Chairman of Honyen Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., proudly said that "Honyen "King Kong" was developed and researched in China, manufactured in Shanghai and the key parts, including its body, reducer system, servo motor system and control system are all made in China. It is reported that Honyen "King Kong" consists of a body and seven reducers, twelve servo motors and one controller. The body and reducer are independently researched and developed by Honyen, and the servo motor and controller are developed by domestic partners according to the design requirements of Honyen. Its development and research, drawing, mould unloading, processing, measurement, assembly and debugging were completed within two months in an efficient speed, and with amazing efficiency and execution, which is highly appreciated by peers.

Related experts expressed that this robot has the excellent precision and control flexibility, it can reduce operating costs and increase the production speed. It is not only the most powerful robot in the world, but smart and flexible, and it improves the production flexibility and productivity of the production line and improves the safety.

At the exhibition, the Honyen "King Kong" stretched naturally and powerfully and flexibly, which attracted a lot of people and became the star of this exhibition.

The dream of Honyen industrial robots and the founder Huang Qigang is to "enable all SMEs to afford the robots". Founded in 2014, Honyen Robot has been unique since its inception. It has been strategically positioned to focus on serving the SMEs: pursuing easy use and low cost, and the ultimate performance and price ratio. "Good robots are actually not expensive". Therefore, within just a few years, it has rapidly emerged as a domestic cutting-edge industrial robot, and won many awards, such as the Most Valuable Enterprise Award, the Best Growing Competence Award in China's Robot Industry. In 2018, the production and sales (including OEM) and the shipment of its welding robots accounted for about 70% market shares of domestic brands, and were exported to the markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America, and those of its transfer robots and stamping robots also steadily advance.

Industrial robots are the most representative equipment in smart manufacturing and usually consist of three parts, including core components, mechanical body, and system integration. The core components include the reducers, servo motors and controllers which are regarded as the core barriers of the industrial robot industries.

For the core technology, Honyen has spent huge sum of money in importing Swiss and German advanced RV reducer processing machine tools equipment, attracted talents and carried out the research and development with great concentration. Therefore, it can independently research and develop the RV reducer, has the core technology of superminiature and extra large RV reducers and has obtained many patents. This time, the primary shaft RV reducer of Honyen "King Kong" has a diameter of 1.5 meters and a weight of 2.7 tons, which is the largest in the world and was completely and independently researched and developed. At the 6th China Robotop Summit in May 2019, Honyen reported its self-developed robot without the control cabinet and full RV joint welding robot, which attracted great attention from the industry. At the BEW, the annual "ARC Cup" Robot Welding International Competition was held in full swing, and Honyen Welding Robot became the only domestic brand competition machine in this international competition.

China has become the world's largest industrial robots demand market, and the Japanese and European corporate brands have made up an absolute share in the market. In recent years, thousands of domestic industrial robot companies have emerged with the national policy emphasis and the support for smart manufacturing, but most of them are the assembly workshops that do not master core technology, and there are less local companies with independent research and development and production capabilities like Honyen. Experts said that Honyen has developed and researched the robots with high cost performance that can be afforded and used by SMEs to meet the needs of national conditions, while recruiting domestic and foreign talents to research and develop the core components of robots such as reducers, servo motors and controllers. Meanwhile, it cooperates with upstream and downstream industries, takes advantage of supply chain resources, and concentrates on the "point breakthrough" to become the enterprise of "Smart Manufacturing in China" with strong competitiveness.

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Source: Honyen Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.