TIANJIN PLC Launches Chinese-Russian Cross-Border Trucking Solution

2019-08-16 00:15 1574

SHANGHAI, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- JV trucking company, established by TIANJIN PLC Enterprise Co., Ltd., has recently launched a new cross-border trucking serviceThe company is ready to offer stable and high-quality transportation services to their current and future clients at Heilongjiang province who are involved in international trade such as import/export operations.

Trucking the laden containers at Chinese-Russian border via cross-docking point at Sui Fen can save time of logistics, and help avoid damages to the transported goods in case of additional loading/ unloading container operations. This also brings great improvements to existing transportation hub system and logistics network at the territory of Heilongjiang province.

According to Harbin Customs statistics, Heilongjiang province's total import export turnover has reached RMB 61,215,050 by the end of first quarter of 2019.

Currently, the traditional export logistic route for Heilongjiang based companies is to deliver their cargo to port of Dalian by trucks, then load containers on cargo vessels at Dalian port for further shipment to the point of destination worldwide. The distance between Heilongjiang province and port of Dalian is about 1100km, and usually takes 13 hours to deliver the cargo. Due to the long distance, there is also a risk of cargo damage during container double loading operations.

However, the company's new logistic services, providing cross-border trucking at Chinese-Russian border, can avoid damages to the transported goods by saving extra container loading as well as transit time. The distance between Heilongjiang and ports of Vladivostok and Vostochny is around 600-700 km, and it usually takes around 6-7 hours.

First, empty containers will be picked up at ports of Vladivostok or Vostochny, Russia. Then, they will be trucked across the Chinese-Russian border to Sui Fen He cross-docking point. After that, containers laden at Heilongjiang factory site will be loaded on cargo ships at Vladivostok or Vostochny ports heading to Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, the USA, Canada, as well as other countries, worldwide.

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