Torras Launches Pre-Sales for Latest Version of its Wearable Air Conditioner, Coolify

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LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Torras, the original necklace fan brand, has launched pre-sales for the 2021 version of Coolify, its wearable air conditioner, on the brand's official website and Amazon store. Coolify's latest version is packed with brand-new features and functionality. The product boasts an enhanced design for a refreshing, on-the-go experience, freeing hands from having to hold a fan. Torras has sold 300,000 units of Coolify's 2020 version and is leading the portable air conditioner market thanks to its cutting-edge design. 

"With the rapid development of technology, the overconsumption of energy is becoming more and more serious," said Yan Kong, CEO of Torras. "Coolify is designed to reduce carbon emissions generated by air conditioning through an innovative form factor that provides personal cooling at the neck to cool down the entire body. Not only can consumers easily use it anytime and anywhere, but they can also reduce energy consumption at the same time."

Coolify embodies the Torras brand philosophy of "curious, exploratory, futuristic". The brand leverages pioneering materials, processes, and technologies to create products for the future, and Coolify is such an example. Its notable features include:

  • A 23x23mm "Ku" Peltier radiator: With the ability to reduce temperature by 10-12°C (about 18°F) in just 3 seconds, Coolify easily chills the whole body, from head to toe
  • A patented cooling solution: With a 41mm (about 1.6 inches) cooling fan, Coolify efficiently dissipates heat with its aluminum fins
  • Patented 3D Airflow Design: Coolify's upward vents blow cool air towards the face, while the downward vents prevent long-term wear discomfort by cooling the skin on the neck
  • Patented anti-hair-pinch design
  • Adjustable wind direction and pleasant wear comfort
  • An enhanced high-speed motor, with speeds of up to 5000 rpm
  • Class V1 fireproof material for safety protection
  • An upgraded 4000mAh high-grade lithium battery, which powers Coolify for up to 8 hours with just one charge
  • Upgraded Type-C (5V 2A) charger, with a 1.2-meter (about 4ft) charging cable

As the pioneer of the necklace fan, Torras continues to be dedicated to the research and development of innovative fan technology. It continuously upgrades its products to deliver best-in-class design and technology to consumers. The company is equally powered by an environmentally-friendly philosophy, seeking to reduce the need for widespread air conditioners by focusing on individual cooling through ergonomic products. With the comprehensive upgrade encapsulated by Coolify, Torras continues to redefine the fan for the modern age.

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About Torras

Founded in 2012, Torras designs high-quality everyday products for the digital age. Its design philosophy is "simple but unique", adhering to the five basic principles of "lifestyle, practical, essential, easy, and natural". With an R&D laboratory that spans over 2,000 square meters, Torras has obtained more than 1,100 patents thus far, with 36 of its products winning prestigious international design awards including Germany's Red Dot Award.  

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