Tuya Global Developer Summit Reshapes Smart Hardware Value with GenAI, Pioneering the Next Wave of Smart Living

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a leading global cloud platform service provider, hosted the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit in Futian, Shenzhen. To provide global developers with deeper insights into the innovative applications of smart products in the generative AI (GenAI) era, Tuya specially set up an exhibition area and an ecosystem exhibition area at the event. These areas showcased hundreds of the latest and most advanced Tuya-enabled AI hardware, as well as numerous mature smart solutions, allowing developers to experience the charm of cutting-edge technology in a more immersive and contextualized manner.

A significant portion of the innovative products and solutions displayed by Tuya at this Summit integrated AI technology. These products can accurately execute commands based on users' daily habits and actual scenarios, greatly enhancing the product experience for the attendees. The products cover various fields, including home, security, pets, energy, travel, office, and healthcare. These Tuya-enabled products include smart pet feeders, bird feeders, smart rings, smart switches, smart control panels, ambiance-adjusting lights, smart sockets, smart gateways, and smart doorbells, meeting intelligent needs across multiple scenarios.

Tuya-enabled Smart Bird Feeder Supporting Identification of Over 10,000 Bird Species

With the continuous expansion of the pet bird market, the demand for bird-related products and services is gradually increasing. Especially for the younger generation growing up with the internet, they are more eager to use advanced technology to interact with and feed birds.

The Tuya-enabled smart bird feeder deeply integrates smart cameras and AI image recognition technology, supporting the identification of over 10,000 bird species, with recognition results output within 0.5 seconds. Through continuous observation and learning, the Tuya-enabled smart bird feeder can gradually enhance its visual recognition capabilities and increase the number of identifiable species.

Additionally, this Tuya-enabled smart bird feeder can send images of the rare bird species observed to social media, allowing the sharing of these beautiful moments with friends. This product is highly favored by bird enthusiasts, with over 150,000 units already in use in the market.

Tuya-enabled Smart Pet Feeder for Promoting Pet Health

According to Common Thread, the global pet industry reached $261 billion in 2022, a 12.5% year-on-year increase, with the market expected to grow to $350 billion by 2027. This large scale has also spurred market demand. For pet owners, pets are transitioning from emotional companions to "family members," and they hope to accompany them in healthy growth. However, due to the busy work schedules and tight work rhythms of pet owners, this can lead to irregular feeding patterns.

GenAI can provide a better pet-keeping experience for pet lovers. Enabled by Tuya, developers have created a smart pet feeder equipped with a feeding assistant. This product can easily establish detailed pet profiles and personalized feeding databases and provide scientifically tailored feeding recommendations based on this data to ensure pets receive comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

Moreover, with its built-in advanced camera and AI algorithms, the Tuya-enabled smart pet feeder can accurately recognize various daily behaviors of pets, such as eating, resting, and playing, and generate detailed behavior reports based on this, allowing owners to understand their pets' living conditions more intuitively and effectively promote their health. It can also automatically record pet behaviors, capture activity videos, and intelligently generate daily short videos based on the owner's preferences to record special moments.

Tuya-enabled Smart Ring for Fingertip Intelligence

To help people better manage their health, Tuya has enabled developers to create a smart ring equipped with multiple health sensors. This ring can capture users' heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and other health information in real-time and analyze their health status through intelligent algorithms, providing personalized health advice and reminders to help users manage their health more scientifically.

In the realm of fitness, the Tuya-enabled smart ring is indispensable, capable of accurately recording exercise data and providing scientific fitness guidance to improve workout efficiency. Additionally, it serves as a life assistant, offering practical functions such as schedule reminders, message notifications, and weather forecasts, helping users manage their time effectively and improve their quality of life. Beyond functionality, this product pays special attention to aesthetic design, making it a fashionable accessory that integrates into daily life and enhances personal charm.

In summary, this Tuya-enabled smart ring is not only a health management tool but also a fashion leader in the wearable field, bringing users an unprecedented fingertip smart experience.

TuyaGo Smart Control Panel for Intelligent Life

With a single screen, users can control the brightness of lights, the sound effects of speakers, and the temperature and humidity of the environment. This is the TuyaGo smart control panel, which empowers developers with a robust ecosystem and rich practical experience.

Thanks to its excellent compatibility, the TuyaGo smart control panel can easily connect to smart devices such as lights, air conditioners, TVs, speakers, and refrigerators. Users can control these devices with simple touch operations or voice commands to achieve various functions. The product is suitable for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, providing users with an intelligent and convenient living and working experience.

For example, it supports real-time display of weather, time, calendar, news, and other information and allows users to customize the displayed content according to their needs, meeting their personalized information requirements. Additionally, the TuyaGo smart control panel supports audio and video playback functions, enabling users to enjoy music, videos, and other multimedia content, enriching their entertainment experience.

Currently, GenAI is reshaping the application value of AI hardware, injecting new vitality into the global smart ecosystem. AI hardware-based terminals are gradually becoming the key driving force for the popularization of GenAI. Leveraging its strong technical strength, mature hardware ecosystem, and comprehensive developer system, Tuya will continue to create diverse smart products and solutions, enabling developers to explore broader smart application scenarios and promoting the development and implementation of the entire AI ecosystem.

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