Tuya to Shape the Intelligent Future with Industry Partners at the Enhanced Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global cloud platform service provider, grandly opened the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit in Futian, Shenzhen. At the main forum, Tuya officially unveiled a new brand– "Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition." This brand is a comprehensive exhibition meticulously crafted by Tuya with the goal of bringing together brand power, promoting technological exchange, and deepening industry cooperation. It aims to unite global developers to showcase advanced technologies and achievements, helping brands expand their influence and further explore global business cooperation.

At the summit, Tuya also collaborated with leading companies in the smart industry such as Chli, Huizhu, Links Field, and Silicon Labs to jointly create the unique Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition Area. This area showcased a series of innovative products and solutions integrated with GenAI technology to global developers, helping customers seize business opportunities.

New Brand Released: Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition

During the wave of smart technology, participating in large-scale exhibitions has become a vital path for companies to increase brand influence and broaden market horizons. However, this process also comes with many challenges. For example, companies may face difficulties in obtaining quality resources and ideal locations for their exhibitions. Additionally, the monotony of exhibition forms, the lack of proactive customer attraction methods, and insufficient product innovation capabilities can all become bottlenecks restricting companies.

As a leader in the smart industry, Tuya has remained committed to providing a display platform and building cooperation bridges for global developers. This time, Tuya's launch of a new IP aims to fundamentally solve these industry challenges and help companies achieve breakthroughs.

Leveraging its strong ecosystem integration capabilities, Tuya is able to bring together customers across all industry categories and the entire supply chain to jointly build a vibrant, interconnected smart ecosystem, breaking from the previous situation where exhibitors struggled alone and found it difficult to form synergy. Through its innovative exhibition format, Tuya provides developers with a global stage to showcase the latest and most cutting-edge smart technology achievements, helping exhibitors attract potential customers.

Moreover, the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition will offer exhibitors more channels for product exposure and brand communication, such as exhibition area live streaming, media interviews, and graphic displays, bringing developers millions of instances of exposure in a very short time, which effectively enhances brand awareness and influence. Developers will also have the opportunity to achieve precise business connections with partners such as global energy storage system integrators, smart appliance brands, core foreign trade OEM/ODM factories, traders, and more, and jointly venture into the smart market.

Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition Ignites the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit

The Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, co-hosted by Tuya and leading companies like Chli, Huizhu, Links Field, and Silicon Labs, presented brand stories and enhanced product experiences in a more immersive and scenario-based manner. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit, attracting a continuous stream of visitors. At the exhibition, visitors can experience cutting-edge technology applications, enjoy innovative AI interactive achievements, and explore the fascinating aspects AI can bring to life and work.

Tuya × Chli

Founded in 2011, Chli is a high-tech enterprise focused on AI ultra-energy-saving lighting, eye-protection lighting, and urban sites lighting. The company is committed to becoming an "artist of light" and providing reliable, efficient, and healthy lighting products for the intelligent development of humanity.

Chli is dedicated to creating benefits through technology, actively responding to China's national "dual carbon" strategy, and being a pioneer in niche fields. At this ecosystem partners exhibition, Chli's full-spectrum healthy light and AI ultra-energy-saving system shined. For example, their AI ultra-energy-saving system solves difficult problems such as high-power consumption and the management of traditional LED tube lighting. The ultra-energy-saving tube products have average power consumptions as low as 2.5W, with a comprehensive energy-saving rate of over 80%, and have been implemented in hundreds of energy-saving application projects nationwide.

Tuya × Huizhu

Huizhu is a comprehensive hospitality industry solution provider dedicated to offering one-stop smart hotel solutions, and covers the entire process, from smart hardware production and manufacturing, to platform and software integration, to implementation. Over the years, Huizhu has consistently focused on the hotel industry, serving over 50,000 hospitality clients.

With strong product development capabilities and a forward-looking vision, Huizhu has launched a series of "black technology" products, leading the innovation trends in hardware devices. At the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, Huizhu's hotel self-service machines and door card activation machines attracted considerable attention. The self-service check-in machine, for example, supports customization, OTA integration, mini-program development, and brand PMS integration, providing a solid foundation for hotels to achieve self-service check-in and further improve operational efficiency.

Tuya × Links Field

Links Field is a global leader in IoT connectivity service solutions, committed to providing reliable and stable global wireless connectivity services to global customers, including eSIM/SoftSIM/Multi-SIM technology, remote OTA code management, DP+ management platform, MCU coding, and more. It has established comprehensive marketing and service support capabilities worldwide.

At the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, Links Field showcased its high-quality international wireless connectivity solutions. By using these solutions, customers can more easily manage their smart devices and improve the stability, security, and reliability of their device connections. With GSMA-certified rapid access to global networks, Links Field successfully incorporates global wireless network resources, covering over 220 countries and regions and providing strong support for customers to expand into global markets.

Tuya × Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is a pioneer in the field of IoT wireless connectivity, providing integrated hardware and software platforms, convenient development tools, and an unparalleled ecosystem to help partners build advanced industrial, commercial, home, and life applications. Silicon Labs leads the industry in high performance, low power consumption, and security, supporting a wide range of multi-protocol solution combinations.

Silicon Labs showcased their wireless connectivity solutions for commercial lighting at the exhibition. This solution is suitable for various devices such as Zigbee gateways, Zigbee downlight drivers, charging piles, and wireless modules. Additionally, with Silicon Labs' latest SoC series products, users can experience unprecedented efficient connectivity. The low power consumption of the SoC series also extends the life of wireless devices, edge nodes, and access points by reducing the frequency of battery replacements, providing users with more convenient and economical options.

Through collaboration with industry leaders such as Chli, Huizhu, Links Field, and Silicon Labs, Tuya has built a platform interlinking the global market and leading the AI technology innovation trend. In the future, Tuya will continue to uphold the concepts of openness and win-win cooperation, working with more industry stakeholders to promote the prosperous development of the smart business ecosystem through the innovative model of the global ecosystem partners exhibition.

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