Two International Figures Join ToJoy, Empower the Global Company

BEIJING, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At its heart, the competitive strength of a country lies in the competitive strength of its talented individuals. As China celebrates 40 years of the Reform and Opening Up Initiative and increasingly steps towards the center of the global stage, it is emphasizing individual talent as a paramount resource in revitalizing the country and confidently seizing economic opportunities.

As individual talent is a driving force for China's national development, so as for Chinese companies too. Riding on the waves of economic globalization, these companies facing internationalization are hungrier than ever for top global talent.

This year, many international figures and top talents have joined ToJoy. This is unprecedented for a Chinese company and has led to much coverage by Chinese media. Recently two more international figures joined ToJoy's globalization efforts, they were once again attracting global attention.

ToJoy is leveraging these international talents to build its global O2O business platform. The platform imports global quality projects to China, helps Chinese companies to grow overseas, and promotes the international Belt and Road Initiative. This all helps thousands of enterprises to realize win-win outcomes in international cooperation.

A Blockbuster cooperation - former state leaders bet on the future of ToJoy's model

On July 25, at ToJoy's 252nd Chinese Unicorn Business Opportunity Sharing Conference, former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta officially became the Co-chairman of the Board of ToJoy Group, Co-chairman of ToJoy Western Europe, and the President of the Sharing Economy International Institute.

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta joins ToJoy Group
Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta joins ToJoy Group

On July 28, former Austrian Prime Minister Werner Faymann joined ToJoy as Co-chairman of the Board and Co-chairman of ToJoy Western Europe.

Mr. Lu Junqing, Chairman of the Board of ToJoy Group, presents the appointment letter for Mr. Werner Faymann
Mr. Lu Junqing, Chairman of the Board of ToJoy Group, presents the appointment letter for Mr. Werner Faymann

Since 2019, with the rapid development of its business, ToJoy's introduction of talents has gained momentum. At the beginning of the year, former Costa Rican President José María Figueres, former Serbian President Boris Tadić, and former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme joined ToJoy as Co-chairman of the Board and Chairman of ToJoy Latin America; Chairman of ToJoy Eastern Europe; and Chairman of ToJoy Western Europe respectively.

A few months later, Mr. Jun Ge, the former Vice President of Apple, also joined ToJoy, serving as its new global CEO.

ToJoy welcomed these global figures to hold important positions across the world, demonstrating that ToJoy can survive well throughout global economic downturn.

These former politicians have rich experience in business, and their understanding of local economies, markets, culture, and laws made them great fits for ToJoy.

According to Ge, "They can bring value to ToJoy and Chinese companies, quickly attract overseas projects to China and promote Chinese projects going global."

Mr. Junqing Lu, Chairman of ToJoy, is also interested in establishing and strengthening the friendly relations of these former politicians with China. He believed that ToJoy's new global talents all appreciate Chinese customs and culture while recognize the ability of ToJoy's Unicorn Acceleration Platform to empower global businesses and entrepreneurs.

Against a background of global economic restructuring, China has gradually emerged as a frontrunner of the new economic era. ToJoy's convergence of overseas talents sends a positive signal as Chinese companies are going global, while also welcoming international companies to spur the rapid development of China's economy.

In recent years, China has proposed a Belt and Road strategy to promote mutually beneficial cooperation in infrastructure and economic trade development with all countries worldwide. As an outstanding example among Chinese private companies, ToJoy has always adhered to a similar philosophy, casting its eyes to the broader world.

Now, these two former politicians from the EU will play active roles in promoting the implementation of the ToJoy internationalization strategy. When talking about the original intention and purpose of their participation, the two former politicians felt optimistic about shared economic opportunities and spoke highly of ToJoy's unique business model. Mr. Enrico Letta expressed his firm conviction that sharing economic opportunities represents the future.

Mr. Werner Faymann stressed: "We need fair economies, a peaceful world, and close cooperation to solve the problems that have arisen in society. What ToJoy is undertaking offers us a good path and practice case."

Lu pointed out in particular, "One of our dreams is to let business cross national boundaries. The joining of two international figures demonstrates that ToJoy is putting its cross-border and sharing ideas into practice. At present, we are powering over 700,000 entrepreneurs by forming unprecedented business communities in order to help them embrace new economy, improve operational efficiency, save production resources, reduce development costs, and avoid unnecessary spending. This is the basis on which we will promote the sharing economy throughout the world and pursue the sustainable development of human society."

A high-level perspective, pursuing co-creation, sharing, and win-win outcomes in a more open field

At ToJoy's 252nd China Unicorn Business Opportunity Sharing Conference, Mr. Ge Jun, Global CEO of ToJoy Group, addressed several key issues such as ToJoy's strategy objectives, current overseas development plans, and project sharing model.

Ge said that in order to fulfill its strategic objectives, ToJoy should make sure the domestic projects and global projects develop in tandem. With this, ToJoy could become the world's leading unicorn accelerator; evangelizing its sharing concept to the world, empowering business development, and bringing benefits to its partners.

Of the five major acceleration strategy maps drafted by ToJoy, the most noteworthy one is empowering global businesses. By establishing five districts in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, ToJoy has created an ecological sharing platform, fostered strategic partnership relations with its partners, constructed a sharing and interconnected platform where different resources can flow globally, and accelerated the potential for joint ventures to share intelligence, marketing, capital and globalization opportunities. All these will allow companies to make explosive progress. ToJoy looks to promote this model overseas, so that global quality projects can operate in a global platform system.

At a higher level, Ge said, "What ToJoy pursues is the ultimate goal that the Belt and Road Initiative seeks to achieve: to bring the greatest possible benefits to businesses and consumers."

Gathering global resources to empower global enterprise development.

Some media named 2019 as "the year of ToJoy's model". In addition to participation of many top international talents, ToJoy successively established its international strategic layout for United States and Western Europe. This year, ToJoy's next stage of development is off to a good start. This development is mainly divided into three stages.

The first stage was to help Chinese quality enterprises to quickly seize Chinese market share before 2018; the second stage is to help Chinese quality enterprises to seize opportunities in the global market and help foreign high-quality enterprises to gain Chinese market share in 2019. The third stage will be to help global quality enterprises seize global market share and further realize the globalization of the sharing economy.

Every steadfast step requires global talent resources.

ToJoy's new international figures have accumulated rich experience and extraordinary vision during their years serving in government positions. They have excellent management skills and business acumen. Their recognition of the future of ToJoy is a strong testimony for the development and potential of ToJoy. Mr. Ge says that ToJoy is now thinking about how to make full use of the capabilities of these former government to play a more effective role in opening up business opportunities internationally.

Their joining will create a powerful magnetic field to bring opportunities into China; pooling high-end contacts, business opportunities, and cutting-edge insights to help ToJoy share and integrate global high-end resources and improve ToJoy's global O2O business platform. In the end, ToJoy will contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative, empower and integrate global enterprises, leading to win-win outcomes for the world to share.

In this way, ToJoy will enable shared access to global resources, empower enterprise development, and chart the course for the future of its development.

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