VesCir poised to revolutionize skincare industry at CES 2021 with AI-driven 'iCi' skincare system

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TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwanese biotech startup, VesCir, inspired by Nasa's Skin.B project, will have a launch of its own this year at CES 2021, where it will showcase its medical grade portable dynamic skincare system; a first on the market.

The future of skincare now; "Dynamic Skincare"

VesCir has always been ahead of the curve. The team, led by Chen Weiyu - a biomedical science PhD, and space enthusiast, has been studying skin changes for several years, predicting that one of humanity's biggest challenges in the space age will be how we maintain healthy skin in space. NASA was also interested in the same question, establishing the Skin B project to examine the process of skin aging so they could better understand how to protect people's skin

Years later, while NASA may not yet have solved how to maintain healthy skin in space, VesCir has solved the problem of how we do it on earth. With dynamic skincare.

Our skin is forever changing. It's subject to a range of stressors every day; from the things we can't control like the environment, to the things we can, like sleep and our diet. But, for all that our skin goes through, until now there hasn't been a system which looked to systematically analyze and address these changes. This is where VesCir's futuristic iCI system comes in.

One cream, a three step system, every skin type

'iCI' is a three part system that analyses, advises and addresses the changes that your skin goes through every day to give you a truly customized skincare solution in under 30 seconds.

The three components of this solution are; the iCI Analyser, the iCI app and the iCI dynamic formula skin cream 'Premiere' which work in conjunction to give you effective, personalized skincare in under 30 seconds.

The iCI analyzer, a medical grade portable skin tester with comparable precision levels to NASA's skin B project testing tools. It assesses the underlying physiological state of your skin through the use of Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) and Hydration Sensing technology. Providing real-time information on a range of metrics including your skin's oxidation, hydration and melanin levels.

This information gets relayed to the accompanying iCI smartphone app, which uses AI to analyze your results and give you a snapshot of how your skin is today, and what it needs to stay healthy.

Armed with this information, you can then change the ratio of ingredients in their 'Premiere' serum to provide you with exactly what your skin needs for that day.

For the health conscious and environmentally conscious consumer

The beauty and personal care industry is expected to be worth 716.6 billion USD by 2025. As the market continues to grow so too is the appetite for customized products. By combining AI with biotechnology what VesCir has done with their iCi system is to address the gap in the market for custom skincare. Using science and big data to devise a solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly, doing the work of several creams with only one.

Awarded the Best Brand and Retail product at LMVH Group's prestigious Cosmetic 360 Awards show in 2019, and receiving positive coverage from writers in Europe and Asia-Pacific, iCI is already picking up traction and shows no sign of slowing down. This is why it makes it onto the Taiwan Tech Arena's (TTA) list of 100 featured Taiwanese startups to watch at CES 2021.

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