World's First Wearable Brain Teaser - Mini Line Cube 2

The first successfully funded brain teaser on Kickstarter.
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NEW YORK, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Unlike most of traditional brain teaser toys that are usually played only a few times before getting put away and then forgotten, MLC2 (Mini Line Cube II), from Taken Fun and Art Co., Ltd and Metal Art International LLC, is just on the opposite side of the spectrum. MLC2 is a brain teaser toy that can be solved in more than 40 different ways and can be worn as a bracelet (or used as hairband or keychain). As it turns out, it is also the first brain teaser toy that ever got funded successfully on Kickstarter.

"The wearability and multiple solutions are the two fundamental elements that make MLC2 so unique as a brain teaser toy," says Teng Fu Hu, the MLC2 creator. MLC2 is made of aluminum alloy block and strung together using top-grade an elastic band, which enables it to be worn as a bracelet or used as a keychain. "MLC2 is a wonderful brain teaser for the logical thinkers, and the compactness makes it really convenient to just keep it in the pocket everywhere I go," says Eric Huang, a customer who has played with the MLC2 prototype.

For this Kickstarter campaign, on top of the 6 basic colors, Metal Art is offering MLC2 in all 32 World Cup 2018 participating countries' flag colors. For more detail project information and the full list of pledges' rewards, click on the following link to check out MLC2 live Kickstarter page.

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