Yello Mobile Takes Off Again as a Pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

2019-04-29 21:00 644
  • Reorganization centered on key businesses such as blockchain, smart city and healthcare
  • Focus on improving the strength of the company through measures to advance management efficiency last year...preparation for new takeoff complete
  • Expected to develop into a well-known data platform company of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

SEOUL, South Korea, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yello Mobile (CEO Sanghyuk Lee), Korea's well-known unicorn, reorganized the company's key businesses and strengthened its responsible management as part of its efforts to implement a new take-off.

Yello Mobile selected smart city, healthcare, ad tech and media commerce as its key businesses, and will launch diverse innovative platforms and services that integrate blockchain technology.

Last year, Yello Mobile focused on improving the company's strength by constructing an internal control system and taking measures to advance management efficiency.

The company is set to strengthen business competence through three affiliated companies: DAYLI Blockchain, Carelabs and Future Stream Networks. DAYLI Blockchain will lead smart city construction and blockchain platform development, and Carelabs and Future Stream Networks will be responsible for healthcare and ad tech respectively.

DAYLI Blockchain will take on a crucial role within the Yello Mobile group. DAYLI Blockchain is currently in the smart city construction business and is using its technology to develop advanced traffic management systems, intelligent transportation systems, and drone control systems.

Furthermore, DAYLI Blockchain will create a smart healthcare platform based on blockchain technology and present solutions for integrated management of urban data such as transportation, public safety and the environment by building an organic cooperation system with Carelabs and Future Stream Networks and strengthening business connectivity.

CEO Sanghyuk Lee remarked that, "We will grow into Korea's most well-known data platform company by responding flexibly to changes thanks to the solid organizational power we have built over the years."

Yello Mobile was established in 2012 and provides various digital platforms and services based on key technologies that have emerged from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About Yello Mobile

Yello Mobile is an integrated digital platform provider of optimized B2C service in the digital environment and customized B2B solution with state-of-the-art technology brought by the Digital Transformation including Blockchain, Big Data, AI. It was established in 2012 with the aim of delivering service innovation with maximizing values of blockchain in its core business areas such as FinTech, AdTech, healthcare, O2O, and media commerce. Since its foundation, Yello Mobile has been leading innovation, keeping pace with the paradigms of the new era, and aspiring to become the pioneers of groundbreaking technology that can lead the Digital Transformation.

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