YMTC Introduces X3-9070 3D NAND Flash Powered by Innovative Xtacking® 3.0 Architecture

Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC)
2022-08-03 05:00 2954

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- YMTC today at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2022 unveiled its X3-9070 TLC 3D NAND flash powered by Xtacking® 3.0 architecture. Since its debut show at FMS 2018, YMTC's Xtacking® technology has become a hallmark of the company's vision for innovation, and the approach to hybrid bonding has been widely recognized as one of the key enablers of the industry's future growth. Built out to be a common growth platform that drives value and innovation in the semiconductor ecosystem, YMTC's Xtacking® 3.0 architecture opens up a world of opportunities for diversified applications in 5G, AloT, and beyond.

YMTC X3-9070 3D NAND Flash
YMTC X3-9070 3D NAND Flash

From 1.0 to 3.0, YMTC's Xtacking® technology, a heterogeneous 3D integration architecture, has established a proven track record of success, as evidenced by a diverse portfolio of Xtacking® NAND-based system solutions, including SATA III, PCIe Gen3 & Gen4 SSDs, as well as eMMC & UFS for mobile and embedded applications, garnering recognition from leading OEMs.

"The arrival of YMTC's patented Xtacking® 3.0 architecture is a breakthrough in the 3D NAND scaling race," said Gregory Wong, Founder and Principal Analyst at Forward Insights. "The advancement of 3D NAND technology is crucial for innovation in the memory market, and as the most advanced flash memory to feature this type of architecture, the YMTC Xtacking® 3.0 X3-9070 is a key industry milestone. In the future, hybrid bonding of memory cells and logic circuits is expected to become mainstream."

Featuring Xtacking® 3.0 as its powerful core, YMTC's 4th generation 3D NAND, the X3-9070, is a cutting-edge product that boasts a higher bit density, optimized performance, and increased endurance, quality, and reliability in line with stringent testing standards, such as JEDEC. Enhanced scalability is now also available at a greater cost efficiency, thanks to the specific recent process improvements.

Key features of the X3-9070 include:

  • Performance: The X3-9070 achieves an I/O speed of up to 2400MT/s, ONFI 5.0 compliant, and has improved performance by 50% compared to the previous generation of products.
  • Bit Density: Leveraging the innovative architecture of Xtacking® 3.0, the X3-9070 has become the highest bit density flash product in YMTC's history, enabling 1Tb storage capacity in an ultra-compact mono-die footprint.
  • Upgraded system-level product experience: innovative 6-plane design with a synchronous multi-plane independent operation supported on each plane. Multiple and synchronized concurrency enhance system I/O performance on both sequential and random accesses. Compared to the typical 4-plane architecture, system performance can be boosted by up to 50% while power consumption can be reduced by 25%. This system-level upgrade allows for increased power efficiency and a more attractive total cost of ownership (TCO).

"Tested and adopted across global markets, our Xtacking® architecture is known to be the first of its kind and has been consistently empowering our clients and partners worldwide throughout its multiple generations," said Thomas Chen, Executive Vice President of YMTC. "Following the milestone release of the X3-9070, we will continue to leverage our Xtacking® technology in PCIe SSDs and UFS to ensure faster data access, shorter time to market, and lower costs per bit. Seeing how this promising platform has inspired more innovations from our partners in the flash ecosystem, we are confident that our commitment to accelerating the evolution of Xtacking® will help position us as a leading provider of memory solutions and a key value contributor to the global semiconductor industry."

YMTC's X3-9070 paves the way for the arrival of more of its 4th generation 3D NAND solutions based on Xtacking® 3.0, which will provide the company's growing customer base in data centers, enterprise-level servers, PCs, mobile devices, and more with even higher NAND throughput and system-level performance. As an industry innovator and a trusted partner and supplier, YMTC has been and will remain committed to its mission to work with global clients and partners to advance its signature Xtacking® technology and push the boundaries of 3D NAND.

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