ZiiLock's First Foldable Smart Bike Lock Is Launching on Indiegogo

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to leading research, the main reasons bike theft is so prevalent is that locks haven't kept pace with the times. More bikers are searching for a smarter option to protect their beloved bikes. Among them, fingerprints and smartphone keyless entry, always-on theft alert are the trends of times. Thanks to the continuous development in technology, ZiiLock ( integrates the above features and is going to be launched on August 6th with an affordable price on Indiegogo.

ZiiLock's First Foldable Smart Bike Lock Is Launching on Indiegogo
ZiiLock's First Foldable Smart Bike Lock Is Launching on Indiegogo

Campaign begins at 10:00 EDT, Aug 6th, 2019: Purchase link

ZiiLock's advanced biometric identification mechanism is able to confirm the fingerprint and unlock within 0.5 seconds. The smart management system allows storage and identification of up to 20 fingerprints.

ZiiLock supports single tap unlocking when connected to smartphone. In order to protect user privacy, ZiiLock's Bluetooth system uses the highest military-grade AES 256 encryption. Besides fingerprints, ZiiLock is shareable by a temporary access code. The owner is able to regulate the access permission freely. The app also includes the option of tagging the last parking position, and can also keep a log of all cycling destinations.

With an efficient lithium battery and low-power consumption components, ZiiLock lasts over 3 months on a single charge. The owner can monitor battery power in real-time through the app.

Bike theft remains an enduring problem across the US with police recognizing over 0.2 million cases a year—a number that is undoubtedly low, given that many victims do not report this type of crime. Stolen bicycles and their parts are valued at $350 million a year.

Determined to ease this serious social security problem, ZiiLock is designed to be more than a silent defender, but an active bike guard. Any suspicious movement of the bike lock will be sent to the phone through a notification, allowing the owner to check the status of the bike before it is too late.

ZiiLock is made of a high-Level key cylinder, temper-hardened steel bars linked by anti-drilling rivets, it can resist over 12 tons of shear force. The IP67 waterproof process can withstand being immersed in water over 30 minutes.

Up to 55% off is available for launching on Indiegogo and set to retail for $179 after the campaign.

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