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Press Release Process

Process for issuing a press release


The client (Authorized Sender) composes news release and sends it to PR Newswire


PR Newswire confirms receipt and distribution details by phone or email


PR Newswire formats the release (edits and translates as required) and then *replies to the client by email


The client confirms the final text of the release by email


PR Newswire distributes the release at the time stipulated by the client


The client receives an email indicating the exact time that the release was distributed (a.k.a. “clear time”)


The client receives the Release Watch report

Download PR Newswire Distribution Instructions Template in Microsoft WORD


    Detailed instructions and information required:

  • The client (authorized sender)sends the news release in Microsoft WORD to accompanied by the following information:

    Company Name:
    PR Newswire Account Number:
    Distribution Circuit(s):
    Distribution Time:( e.g. 10:00 am, July 15, US Eastern Time or IMMEDIATE):
    Dateline City (where the news is taking place or where your company is located):
    Contact Information: General distribution or Media Advisory only?
    Photo Caption:
    Special Instructions:
    (1) “Need final approval/No need for approval”
    (2) Arethere any special terms concerning the word count limit in your agreement? If so, please includeit in the instructions.

    Confirm contact information to be included in the news release:
    Contact Person:
  • If you do not receive a confirmation phone call or email from PR Newswire within 15 minutes of sending the newsrelease, please call +86-10-59539511
  • For an urgent release not requiring translation, please keep in mind that an editor needs 30 minutes editing time per400 words. If you planto distribute a financial report, please send it to the Editorial Team at least two hours ahead of the desired time of distribution.
  • For a release requiring translation into languages other than Chinese and English and that needs to be distributed at a specific time, please send it to us one day in advance, in order to provide enough time for a quality translation and in-depth final review.
  • For a release requiring translation from Chinese toEnglish or from English to Chinese, please send it to us at least four hours prior to the distribution time, in order to provide enough time fora quality translation and in-depth final review.
  • The client is required to sign a service contract with PR Newswire prior to subscribing to our services, and to pay the service fees as per the payment terms on the invoice.
  • Due to formatting requirements, please allow for the final release edited to be approximately 15 words longer than the original document.
  • If you send a release outside of PR Newswire’s fully-staffed hours between Monday 6:30AM andSaturday 6:00AM, the release may be handled by ourEditorial Team in the US and they may contact you directly.
  • When sending a release outside office hour regular office hours, please email it to, and our colleagues in the US will complete the confirmation process with you. In order for them to assist you efficiently and with the least delay possible, we do ask that you include the detailed instructions in the email as follows:

    Company Name:

    Account Number at PR Newswire:

  • * If you do not have an Account Number, please contact your account manager.
  • If you prefer not to receive a call from an account executive who may not be proficient in Chinese:

    Please indicate“Please confirm receipt with email” in the subject line.In addition, indicate in the subject line that the release is for distribution (________(Company Name) Press Release for Distribution).

  • * Ifs ending a news release outside of our regular office hours, please inform us one day in advance so that we can arrange the staff to handle it.
  • ** If any special conditions concerning the word count are part of your agreement with PR Newswire, please make sure to inform us as part of the instructions. If you fail to inform us in the instructions, you will be charged for the actual word count as per our rate card in the event the actual word count exceeds the limit.
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