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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Whether you're promoting a new product, announcing an organizational change or launching a new marketing campaign, you can leverage PR Newswire's distribution network to send press releases. PR Newswire's global distribution network provides the right visibility and reach for your message, covering every corner of the globe. Your news release can be in rich formats that attract audiences’ attention and encourage interaction and sharing.

Ready to start writing your press release? Check out our Storytelling Guidelines and learn a few tips on how to maximize your communication impact. You may also watch our archived English or Cantonese webinars on how to write a good press release.

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Press Release Distribution

PR Newswire’s global distribution network reaches media and online sites in more than 170 countries and in over 40 languages. Whether your target market is Asia, US, Europe, Greater China, the Middle East, Latin America or elsewhere, PR Newswire can help you distribute your news and content and reach your audiences; thus helping you increase your brand visibility in the targeted areas and increase sales by way of branding and communication.

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Press Release Distribution

PR Newswire can help distribute your release in different formats, from a simple text-only format to text & photo to a full multimedia offering.

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