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Other Asian Countries & Regions News Release Distribution

Japan, Korea, India and many other countries/regions across Asia are among China’s top trade partners. Through its distribution network, PR Newswire can send clients’ press releases to those Asian countries and regions, helping clients build their brand awareness. Please check out our distribution for Hong Kong and Taiwan markets too.

PR Newswire distributes news releases to major websites and portals in Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Philippines and etc. through respective local national news agency and PR Newswire’s proprietary network


Singapore: covers 1,500+ journalists

  • 500+ media outlets, including 140+ business media, 120+ finance and investment media and 100+ travel & tourism media.
  • 100+ websites, including web portals, regional news sites and financial info services
  • Direct news feed into Yahoo! Finance Singapore, Shares Investment, Share Junction, APBN, MORNINGSTAR, Singapore Information Services, Business Capital Asia and etc

South Korea: covers 3,300+ journalists

  • 900+ media outlets, including 220+ business & finance media, 200+ high-tech media and 140+ sport media.
  • 90+ websites with direct news feed to top-tier portals and websites such as Naver (#1 website), Daum (#2 website) and Nate (#10 website), in which Naver and Daum have over 90% and 70% online reach, respectively.


Japan: covers 3,300+ journalists


  • 500+ media outlets, including 130+ business & finance media, 100+ high-tech media and 60+ energy & power media.
  • 60+ websites with direct news feed into top-tier news websites, search engines or financial information services, including Kyodo News (main portal), Kyodo News Digital, CNET Japan, ZDNet Japan, Excite, InfoSeek (general and financial news), Japan Today, International Business Times, ADVFN and etc.

Malaysia: covers 1,300+ journalists

  • On-ground media relations team to expand Malaysia’s local network
  • 400+ media outlets, including 120+ business media, 120+ finance and investment media and 180+ travel & tourism media.
  • 10+ websites including the major web portals, regional news portals and financial websites, such as The Level, MorningStar Asia Malaysia, Daily Express, Business Today, SME and etc.


Indonesia: covers 1,600+ journalists

  • 750+ media outlets, including 250+ business & finance media, 170+ high-tech media and 150+ travel & leisure media
  • 40+ websites in Indonesia such as The President Post,,, Warta Ekonomi, Migas Review and etc


Thailand: covers 2,400+ journalists

  • PR Newswire has an exclusive partnership with the leading news service InfoQuest
  • 700+ media outlets, including 100+ general media, 170+ business & finance and 200+ travel & leisure media
  • 60+ websites with direct news feed into Thailand such as ThairPR, RYT9, S! News, BSN News, newswit and etc


Philippines: covers 700+ journalists

  • 280+ media outlets, including 110+ general media, 110+ financial media and 120+ business media
  • 50+ websites including Journal Online, Technews, The News Bite, FreeForm Threads and etc


Distribution Packages and Channels*

  • Pan Asia
    Available in general media or one trade category, covering: Australia, Greater China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea & Thailand. Translation in a local language (except Chinese) is complimentary.
  • Asia-Pacific Single Country Distributions
    Covers media for a single trade category in key Asian countries/region including, Australia, Greater China, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan,Singapore, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Translation in local language (except Chinese) is complimentary.
  • Customized Package (6 or more countries)
    20% discount to the total cost; applicable to Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • APAC English Only
    Available in one standard trade category including General, Business/Finance, IT/Internet, Travel, Advertising/Marketing/Media etc., or General media plus one microlist.


ReleaseWatch™ Report: to be provided within 48 hours

  • Robust report presentation with clearer structure
     Available in five different formats, including email, online, MS Word (with screenshots), Excel and PDF (with screenshots).
  • Supports a multilingual interface
    Offers platform interface in different languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesian. 
  • Media distribution statistics and communications trend analysis
    Contains information from the press release, distribution circuits, total pickup, potential audience reach and other data, as well as statistical analysis based on media type, language, location of distribution, time of posting or republication, and trends.
  • Distribution results can be filtered by location, media type and industry
    Provides more detailed statistical results of the press release distribution, such as name and logo of media outlet, distribution language, distribution location, media type, industry, potential audience reach of the media, hyperlinks and screenshots.
  • Real-time views count of press release and image
    Customers will be able to quantify the amount of attention generated by their press releases and images, as well as from search engines, mobile apps and other web crawlers.
  • Real-time search results (only for distribution to mainland China)
    Search engine results from Baidu, Sougou and 360 will be included in the report for distribution to mainland China.  


Consult your account manager for other industries distribution.

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