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US News Release Distribution


US1 is PR Newswire’s most comprehensive distribution option for the US market. Through US1, clients can send news releases and information to :

  • 10,000 general media points across North America.
  • 5,400+ online databases and websites.
  • 164,000 journalists registered with PR Newswire’s journalist-only website.
  • Major web portals, regional news portals and financial websites, such as Google News Index, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, CNBC, The New York Times,, abc NEWS and etc.
  • 150+ Mobile sites and Apps of media points

    US1 Industry Newslines*
    Entertainment Automotive Sports
    Environment Consumer Travel
    Financial Services Education Technology
    Food and Beverage Public Interest Fashion
    Health and Biotech Energy Metals
    Homeland Security Social

Click to read a detailed media list of US1.

Top Markets

Top Markets Newslines reach key media in hotspots throughout North America that cover specific industry sectors.

Entertainment Markets Automotive Markets Financial Markets
Public Interest Markets Energy Markets Metal Markets
Biotech/Health Markets Tech Markets

Feedback Report from Related Media

  • PR Newswire provides ReleaseWatch Visibility Report, a free online media monitoring report to clients two hours after each distribution.
  • PR Newswire provides a Visibility Report to clients within 2 hours/48 hours/5 days /30 days after each distribution.

    * Visibility Report provides dynamic media monitoring and interactive features that can help clients measure the distribution results in a timely and comprehensive manner.
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