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Roadshow Promotion Videos and Time Square Distribution

PR Newswire’s production teams in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing are capable of producing different forms of roadshow videos according to different needs. The animated visual elements will help your company to tell a more engaging stories to the media, general audience as well as institutional investors and thus gain increased trust. The globally available teams will be able to produce content that appeals to international audience while keeping within a reasonable budget.

Video, which can be produced in English or Chinese can be in the following formats:

  • Mixing of existing footages.
  • On-site interview and filming.
  • 2-D hand-drawn animation
  • 3-D animation

Estimated turnaround time for a regular ‘On-site interview and filming’ project: 30 working days (5 days for script; 5 days for filming; 10 days for postproduction; 10 days for confirming and editing)

Case Studies

Zuoan (NASDAQ: ZA)

21 Vianet (NASDAQ: VENT)

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