Goodyear Showcases Future Mobility Innovation at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

2019-10-23 14:54

TOKYO, Japan, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company will have a presence at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Yuam City, Koto-ku, Tokyo) from October 23 (Wednesday) to November 4 (Monday) at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

At the Goodyear booth, themed "Freedom to Move", Goodyear will demonstrate its approach toward future mobility, backed with its history of innovation, through the exclusive exhibition of future concept tires.

1. Lexus EV concept car equipped with Goodyear concept tire (Global Premiere)

Concept tires developed by Goodyear for the EV concept car will be released at the Lexus booth at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

The tires feature a tread design and cross section developed using Goodyear's aerodynamic technology. Advanced fins covered with fine velvet like owl wings are used on the tread side of the body to generate an effective airflow cooling EV motor.

2. Goodyear AERO Tires (Japan Premiere)

At the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, a concept tire designed for the future of flying cars was released. Based on the concept of "two in one", this tire can be used on the ground and in the air. "AERO" is characterized by an AI processor that combines information received from the tire sensor with information transmitted between the vehicles and between the vehicle and the infrastructure. The AI processor analyzes series of data to switch the vehicle to flight or driving mode and advises on the next operation.

3. Goodyear Oxygene Tires (Japan Premiere)

This tire features moss on the sidewalls and was introduced at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The open tire structure and delicate tread design absorbs water droplets and moisture from the road and circulates them, conducting photosynthesis and releasing oxygen into the air. In addition, "Oxygene" uses an airless structure that performs 3D printing of recycled rubber powder. The light and impact-absorbing structure has high durability and a free-falling solution for prolonged life, minimizing maintenance and ensuring reliable mobility.

About Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. It employs about 64,000 people and manufactures its products in 47 facilities in 21 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to

Goodyear Japan Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952. We sell domestic and imported Goodyear tires in the tire maintenance market. Nippon Giant Tire Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Goodyear Japan Co., Ltd., manufactures off-road tires for civil engineering and construction vehicles and heavy machinery at a plant in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture. In addition, Goodyear also conducts marketing and sales of aircraft tires in Japan. For more information on Goodyear Japan Co., Ltd. and its products, please visit our website. Goodyear homepage in Japan:

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