HIKMICRO Unveils its 'Explore Daytime Hunting in a New Way' Vision at IWA 2024

2024-02-29 17:00

HANGZHOU, China, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HIKMICRO, the world's foremost technology explorer in the hunting market, has unveiled its new daytime hunting vision at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 show. IWA, which takes place at Nurmeberg Messe from Thursday 29th February to Sunday 3rd March, is the world's leading exhibition for the hunting and target sports industry, making it the perfect place for HIKMICRO to announce its new daytime hunting ethos.

HIKMICRO's stand 112 in Hall 4A centred on the theme "Explore Daytime Hunting in a New Way". The message was clear as HIKMICRO set out its new commitment to industry-leading innovation and strategic development in daytime hunting optics.


Explaining the long-term implications and objectives behind the new strategy, HIKMICRO's Global Brand Manager said: "For too long, people have regarded thermal optics are being only for hunting at night. We are redefining the digital optics industry with a range of products that can rival traditional optics not just by night, but also by day – and with many amazing additional digital features."

New Daytime Innovations for Amazing New Viewing Experiences 

Comprising two pioneering new innovations, HIKMICRO's new daytime strategy is transforming the way dual-camera products are used. The result is a single all-in-one binocular which carries out multiple roles: full-colour 5.5~22x60 binocular, thermal monocular and laser rangefinder – all in a single device: the HABROK 4K, changing the way you hunt during daytime.

HIKMICRO's Dual-Camera technology uses thermal for optimized searching plus a CMOS sensor for viewing in fine detail. All this and the ability to zoom in on the subject while maintaining excellent image quality. This detailed viewing means even small antlers can be clearly seen at distances of at least 150m. The result is that hunters can quickly locate their quarry and make fast, accurate judgments for confident identification.

4K UHD Image Resolution brings vivid, informative and layered Images. 4K viewing with 60mm lens combined with features you would never find on traditional binoculars – wide field of view and powerful magnification from 5.5-22X cover all observation needs, from checking the wider landscape to zooming in on tiny details in order to confirm the age and sex of a deer. This can be done without having to switch between devices, even in low light conditions during the early morning and in twilight.

Unlike a traditional binocular, the HABROK 4K provides thermal channels, enabling hunters to spot their quarry's heat profile for rapid searching. Thermal capability makes it impossible to miss an animal's heat signature – in all light conditions, including deep shadow and total darkness, and even when the subject is hiding in cover. With a powerful thermal lens and detector, it provides incredible long-range detection capabilities, clearly revealing a deer-sized target at distances up to 1200m. Once you have spotted a target in the high-performance thermal mode, this all-powerful binocular unit can be switched to its daytime viewing mode for detailed observation and identification in vibrant full-colour. HABROK 4K brings you closer to nature than ever before – zooming in on the subject with breathtaking detail.

HIKMICRO has elevated the benchmark for what a thermal digital camera can do and has combined this technical advancement with the handling of traditional binoculars to create new, seamless and completely immersive hi-tech hunting experiences. This dual camera new technology incorporates the following key features which you will struggle to find on traditional optics. 1000m laser rangefinder with an accuracy of ±1 meter. Accurately ranging quarry helps to ensure an ethical shot. Continuous LRF feature enables hunters to keep tracing the distance even when the target is moving. These attributes are especially useful for inexperienced hunters. Video and audio recording captures highlights from the hunting trip and saves them in the local album. It is an experience beyond any traditional optics. You don't even have to connect with app or Bluetooth, so saved memories can easily be viewed in the field.

The new HABROK 4K incorporates all of this pioneering technology while retaining its traditional daytime binocular look and ease of use. This fusion delivers HIKMICRO's key ambition to enable daytime hunters to experience the full digital advantage. HABROK 4K is the digital hunting daywalker, combining both thermal and digital channels plus LRF solutions within one device. All this with the traditional binocular look and feel and classic daytime binocular design.

Commenting on the new HABROK 4K, independent hunting journalist Mat Manning said: "The HABROK 4K is a remarkable multi-function digital hunting optic. It has everything covered, from fast spotting and clear quarry identification through to rapid and accurate range-finding. I know from experience that this kit is as useful by day as it is by night, and HIKMICRO's smart technology means it is also very easy to use."

HIKMICRO is the Technology Explorer – Breaking the Boundaries of Hunting

The strategies and actions unveiled at IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 are in line with and further enforce HIKMICRO's brand vision and its mindset of ongoing exploration.

The key aim is to take thermal products from niche to mass markets, and across the breadth and depth of the development process. Image quality, usability and reliability are at the heart of this ethos, from the inception of the initial idea to the delivery of the finished device. The product range is constantly expanding, combine thermal technology with CMOS technology, giving the daytime hunter the most advanced and most convenient products to meet their every need.

HIKMICRO's commitment to exploration extends to every aspect of creating world-leading optics. Continue to explore and provide better products to provide users with a more efficient and comfortable hunting experience, and also continues to explore more scenarios. Continuing efforts to realize the ultimate brand vision.