Dreame's New Lineup of Robot Vacuums at CES 2024 Redefines Hands-free Cleaning

2024-01-10 19:02

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The most powerful tech event in the world-Consumer Electronics Show (CES)2024 officially opened in Las Vegas, United States. Dreame Technology, a global leader in smart home appliance technology, made a stunning appearance with its complete range of smart home products. With core technologies that include high-speed digital motors, intelligent algorithms, and motion control, Dreame Technology brought a new experience of smart home appliances to global consumers, garnering significant attention.


At CES 2024, Dreame Technology unveiled several new smart cleaning products, including  DreameBot X30 Ultra, DreameBot L20 Ultra, DreameBot L10s Pro Ultra, Dreame H13 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum, Dreame Z10 Station Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. In addition, Dreame will debut its Roboticmower A1 and Dreame Pocket high-speed hair dryers , aimed at delivering the next generation of smart home appliance experiences to consumers worldwide, and further enhancing the global brand influence of Dreame Technology.

X30 Ultra: Ushers in a Self-Cleaning Revolution

As the flagship robot vacuum cleaner at this exhibition, the X30 Ultra is not merely equipped with Dreame Technology's signature self-cleaning base station, featuring built-in scraper, hot water cleaning, and hot air drying functions for automatic cleaning and maintenance of the base station. In terms of cleaning capabilities, it boasts a high-speed digital motor with 8300Pa suction power that easily handles various sizes of dust and debris. It is also compatible with Dreame Technology's pioneering hair-cutting, anti-tangle roller brush that effectively cuts and vacuums hairs wrapped around the brush, easily managing human hair.

DreameBot X30 Ultra
DreameBot X30 Ultra

Furthermore, the X30 Ultra is Dreame Technology's first international product equipped with MopExtend™ RoboSwing Technology, which introduces mopextend and a dynamic tail-swinging function for low-profile areas such as under cabinets and the bottoms of standing beds, allowing the mechanical arm to extend further. With a maximum extension length of up to 4cm, it can reach more low-lying areas that are typically difficult for vacuum cleaners to access.

H13 Pro: High-Temperature, Harder Working Cleaning

Dreame H13 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum offers edge-to-edge cleaning with an impressive 18,000Pa of suction that captures dirt and debris in even the most hard-to-reach places. It has smart dirt detection, automatic suction adjustment and even an LED brush headlight for superior cleaning every time. The H13 Pro ushers in a new era of sterilization too, with its one-press self-cleaning feature which runs a hot brush wash and a 30-minute hot air-drying cycle to ensure minimal residue is left within the vacuum.

H13 Pro&Z10 Station
H13 Pro&Z10 Station

Z10 Station: Uncompromising Cleaning Quality

Dreame's impressive line-up of vacuums continues with the introduction of its cordless Dreame Z10 Station. It houses a brushless motor that runs at 108,000 RPM, providing a suction power of 20,000 Pa to deal with dust and dirt at speed and offers an impressive 65 minutes of cleaning on a full charge.

The Z10 station comes equipped with a self-emptying dust container which completes the task in just 10 seconds following its return to base. The station has a 2.5L dirt capacity, so there's no need to empty it for up to 90 days. The lightweight Z10 makes light work of cleaning floors, furniture, shelves and curtains, while the LED backlighting makes it easier to see when cleaning those difficult, recessed areas.

Roboticmower A1 wireless robotic lawnmowerHands-Free, Outdoors

Dreame is also taking the hands-free revolution outside the home with the introduction of its Dreame Roboticmower A1 wireless robotic lawnmower.

This easy-to-use mower saves time and effort. Once the included charging station is installed (at no extra cost), it takes just 15 minutes to map the user's garden or yard. Thanks to its high-precision intelligent mapping technology, the Roboticmower A1 gets to work with precise, efficient and consistent mowing, cutting up to 0.25 acres of grass a day.

Roboticmower A1
Roboticmower A1

The Roboticmower A1 also intelligently detects and navigates around common obstacles to ensure nothing is damaged and to prevent interruptions in its tasks. If it rains, Roboticmower A1 detects this with its built-in sensor and automatically returns to its charging station. It resumes its work once the weather improves.

"Dreame understands the evolving needs of customers in the USA," said Chris Lin, General Manager of Dreame Technology North America,  "At CES 2024, we're showcasing our latest appliances that redefine the hands-free experience. Our series of new robot vacuums and other home products will give our customers more leisure time without compromising on the quality of finish."

Experience all these innovative products and more firsthand at Dreame's CES 2024 Booth, located at No.52747, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D.

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