ROBOOTER to Showcase Breakthrough Mobility Solutions at CES®

2024-01-11 01:00

Empowering Lives with Innovative Tech

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ROBOOTER  is proud to present the innovative power wheelchair X40 at CES in Las Vegas, NV, from January 9 to 12, 2024, highlighting the cutting-edge products and communication mobility technologies.

With 3,275 exhibitors including 1,051 startup companies, the annual CES exhibition is coined as the "the most powerful tech event in the world – the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovation," and 63 percent of the people participating in the event have purchase intention.

For emerging startups like Robooter, the CES is a key platform to showcase products, technologies and solutions that are making people's daily life more convenient.

X40 power wheelchair-The Stylish ride for Every Journey

This year, the spotlight at CES is on the X40, The semi-outdoor, electrically foldable wheelchair. Designed to address the challenges of lower limb mobility, the X40 offers ample legroom and operates smoothly on most surfaces without needing a turning radius. Equipped with a long-lasting battery and easy-to-use interface, it functions smoothly on most surfaces. Ideally suited for assistance from a caregiver or family member, it helps users navigate with ease. The X40 includes an optional compact 10Ah battery, making it conveniently transportable on airplanes, trains, subways and other forms of public transportation.

E40 indoor electric wheelchair: Your On-to-Go Companion 

With an emphasis on convenience, comfort, and intelligence, Robooter has designed the E Series to meet the needs of elders and people with disabilities.

The Robooter E40 is a sleek, foldable indoor electric wheelchair that seamlessly combines performance, portability, and style. Designed for easy daily use with comfortable leg space and a small turning radius, it is powered by a robust 20AH lithium-ion battery, covering an impressive 14.3 miles on a single charge. With smooth maneuverability on various floor surfaces, its lightweight design makes it ideal for transportation in cars, airplanes, and more.

E60 all terrain electric wheelchair: Smooth rides Wherever You Go

For outdoor adventures, the E60 series showcases advanced technologies. The E60 and E60-A models are equipped with 10-inch omnidirectional wheels, while the E60Pro and E60Pro-A feature larger 12-inch wheels, conquering obstacles up to 3.1 inches in height. Their suspension system and high-performance omnidirectional wheels allow free movement in any direction, enhancing navigation in complex terrains and a variety of outdoor environments.

ROBOOTER to Showcase Breakthrough Mobility Solutions at CES
ROBOOTER to Showcase Breakthrough Mobility Solutions at CES

A Message from CEO, Jianguo Li 

"Robooter leverages technology to enhance the lives of billions with lower limb disabilities. Our acclaimed X40 power wheelchair, featuring omnidirectional wheels and remote control capabilities, demonstrates our commitment to innovative solutions. Since our inception in 2016, we have been at the forefront of using AI and robotics to empower independence. Our philosophy of 'compassionate technology' drives us to innovate solutions that slow mobility loss progression, reduce complications, and elevate the experience for all users. Robooter – where technology meets compassion."

Utilizing technology to improve the lives of the billion people with lower limb disabilities, we have developed a range of products including electric wheelchairs, mobility aids, and living assistance devices. Our aim is to provide intelligent solutions for rehabilitation and mobility.

About Robooter

Robooter takes pride in providing innovative and reliable electric wheelchairs designed to empower your mobility and independence. We are dedicated to creating high-quality products that enable you to move through the world comfortably and effortlessly. Inspired by our motto "reboot your life", we have supported end-users in more than 40 countries and regions, with our reach continuing to expand. Our vision is to create a fulfilling life for billions of people with limited mobility.

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