Litheli's CES 2024 Showcase: Pioneering the next generation of Power Tools

2024-01-11 02:00

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Litheli, innovator of new energy power and tools, made its appearance on the opening day of the event at the world's premier tech event, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing its technological prowess in the INFINITY POWER SHARE(IPS) model to attendees, continuing its direction of leading technological innovation on a global scale.

Litheli displayed a variety of tools at the event.
Litheli displayed a variety of tools at the event.

Appearance at Global Tech Event, Envisioning the future of Power Tools

On the first day of CES 2024, Litheli's booth drew significant attention, showcasing the latest advancements in its revolutionary INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS), including the IPS MODULAR POWER STATION and the U4 and U20 series of battery-powered tools. The company demonstrated its commitment to making power more flexible, tools easier to use through ongoing technological innovation and product enhancement.

In addition to showcasing its star products, Litheli also focused on their advocated energy integrated solutions, encompassing power generation, storage, interchangeability, and usage. They demonstrated how the solution, especially through the IPS MODULAR POWER STATION, apply in various scenarios, particularly in home settings. This highlights Litheli's role as an innovator of new energy power and tools, safeguarding energy usage for the new generation of households.

"As the overseer of Litheli's overseas markets, I am greatly encouraged by our brand's potential in North America. With our innovative INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model, we are not only bringing cutting-edge power tools to North American households but also contributing to a sustainable future. At Litheli, we believe USE MORE, TAKE LESS, which represents our social value and environmental philosophy " stated Litheli's brand co-founder, Steve Li, at the event.

Witnessing the Power Tool Revolution in the DC 2.0 Era

In response to the longstanding convenience challenges in the global power tool market, Litheli has taken disruptive measures by introducing the innovative INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model, ushering the power tool industry into a new phase of development. Unlike traditional battery charging methods, IPS model makes tool batteries break free from the constraints of exclusive charging bases, transforming into an independent, multifunctional product. This shift means power tools can more flexibly adapt to various usage scenarios, enhancing battery utilization frequency. Notably, these batteries can also serve as power banks, supporting Type-C super-fast charging and offering convenient recharging services for various digital devices.

Centered around the IPS SUPER BATTERY platforms, IPS model has built a comprehensive product matrix encompassing solar panels, energy storage systems, standard external batteries, and a diverse range of new energy power tools. These products cover multiple life scenarios, including indoors, gardens, road trips, and outdoors, showcasing Litheli's profound accumulation and innovative capabilities in the field of energy application.

In 2024, Litheli plans to intensify its promotion of innovative power tools in the US market, particularly focus on multi-Scenario power Solutions and the U4 and U20 series power tools which integrated with DC 2.0 and INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model, in response to the burgeoning young family market in the United States, with a vision to revolutionize traditional energy and power tool constraints, ushering in the DC2.0 era.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest consumer technology exhibition, as a significant event in the global tech landscape, CES showcases a multitude of innovative technologies across various sectors, including smart homes, consumer electronics, and automotive technology. It not only features cutting-edge tech products and solutions but also serves as a crucial platform for professional exchange and collaboration within the industry. CES plays an essential role in shaping market trends and driving technological innovation, reflecting its importance as an annual highlight in the tech industry calendar.

<About Litheli>

Founded in 2017, Litheli is an innovator of new energy power and tools, with the mission to make power more flexible and tools easier to use. After 3 years of product planning, R&D, and patent innovation, Litheli became the creator of the DC2.0 battery platform and Infinity Power Share (IPS).

Litheli has built product lines covering scenarios including indoor, garden, car, and outdoor, with a range of solar panels, power storage, standard external batteries, and battery-powered tools products, presenting a totally independent energy experience of generate, store, change, use, bringing more convenience and lower cost to the users.

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