Sushui Tech to Show Direct Methanol Fuel Cell at Japan International Smart Energy Week

2024-02-01 10:05

TOKYO, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Japan International Smart Energy Week with Japan International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition will be held at Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center on 28th Feb., 2024. Sushui Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Sushui Tech"), a fuel cell startup from China, will bring to the show Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology which has been dormant for years. Sushui Tech will also launch its latest MOC and KH series products on the second day of the show. It is told that the series products provide a reliable alternative for the clients of renowned EFOY series made by SFC AG from Germany.

DMFC-KH-50R powering up a portable satellite ground receiver
DMFC-KH-50R powering up a portable satellite ground receiver

As the world calls for diversified renewable energy solutions and more economical ways to store energy, methanol becomes a promising candidate known as "Liquid Sunlight". Direct methanol fuel cell with its advantages in portability, long voyage and adaptability to extreme environmental conditions have been proven irreplaceable in critical communications, defense & security, environmental monitoring etc. since its commercialization.

"Sushui Tech's DMFC products have been verified and accepted in the critical missions on sea and land in Chinese market, and we are looking to expand our market in Japan, Southeast Asia and Middle East in 2024." says Lou Ziyi, Marketing & Sales Director of Sushui Tech.

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell is a type of low-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell. It generates electric power through direct reaction between methanol and oxygen, and gives off only water vapor and a small amount CO2 which can be recycled into methanol.

In recent years, the global shipment volume of DMFC products has been rapidly increasing as driven by increasing concern for reliable power supply in crisis areas and inconvenience in handling gaseous hydrogen. As new proton exchange membranes and catalysis open up new energy density increase roadmap for DMFC, the technology is expected to be commercially available for wider range of energy markets.

Japan International Smart Energy Week is an internationally renowned exhibition focusing on fuel cells. It represents the most edging trends of global energy markets.

About Sushui Energy Technology

Sushui Tech, headquartered in Shanghai, is a private fuel cell startup company focusing on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology. Through years of R&D efforts, the company now owns complete intellectual properties over its products from DMFC MEA, stacks, systems and final solutions tailored for its clients.

Media Contact: Daniel Lou

Source: Sushui Energy Technology