Neusoft's Innovative Products Showcase at the Automotive World 2024 in Tokyo

2024-02-02 16:04

SHENYANG, China, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Automotive World 2024 recently kicked off at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft, SSE:600718) showcased a series of innovative products, including intelligent cockpit system, intelligent communication terminal (T-Box), and automotive software, which demonstrated Neusoft's technological innovation and ecosystem development in the intelligent connectivity, capturing the attention of global automakers and supply chain partners.

In the area of intelligent cockpit, Neusoft has maintained a relentless drive towards innovation, constantly diversifying and upgrading its offerings. The company has progressed from providing cost-effective C3 in-vehicle infotainment system to developing the sophisticated C4 intelligent cockpit domain controller with multi-modal interaction function, and to the latest Neusoft C5 interaction computing platform with the high re-use, high fusion software design and the modular reconfigurable, pluggable hardware design to provide a remarkable 3D engine effect and smooth operating experience, setting new benchmarks in the industry and engaging the interest of the exhibition's attendees.

T-BOX, Neusoft's intelligent communication product, also drew considerable attention. By integrating the self-developed V2X protocol stack (VeTalk), Neusoft's 4G/5G V2X BOX significantly enhances the intelligent connection of the vehicles, realizing data interchange and providing more accurate navigation assistance. The T-BOX, now in its fifth iteration, has been applied to over 100 models of vehicles from more than 20 well-known automakers.

Additionally, Neusoft exhibited a range of software products. Building upon the technical capabilities of existing products, Neusoft's global navigation OneCoreGo now includes an EV-specific navigation function, which is designed to alleviate range anxiety for new energy vehicles. Neusoft AR HUD software boasts groundbreaking features such as anti-shake, latency compensation, and scene reconstruction/world restoration, and the SDK product can support in-depth customization, allowing customers to conduct self-research. And NAGIVI, the global IVI software platform, offers a comprehensive array of HMI tools and global digital radio products to meet the global diverse IVI needs.

Japan has been a pivotal and extensively nurtured market for Neusoft in automotive electronics, and at the center of the company's global strategy. In Japan, Neusoft has established an international delivery center and built a multi-dimensional value structure system encompassing personnel, ecosystems, products, and services, thus empowering their partners. Moving forward, Neusoft will leverage its deep insights of the industry and significant competencies, promote the transformation of the automotive industry and deliver an intelligent, comfortable, and safe driving experience for customers worldwide.

Source: Neusoft Corporation