The #1 Cause of Trading Failure, Happens Before the Trade

2020-06-19 17:01


"What got you to trading?"

While these sound wonderful, most traders have an expectation mismatch. The income goal of a Trader is earning $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 a month; depending on where you live in, these are seen as professional income. An income we associated with jobs like doctor or lawyer who they spent 25-28years of their time studying to get the right knowledge to perform the task; somehow some traders find that it is possible to learn how to trade with just a 28mins online training video.

Trading requires one to learn the right knowledge, tested strategy, know what to do and what shouldn't. It will take years for one to hone his skills; time is valuable, and much of it could be saved if you got yourself the right trading coach.

In the upcoming workshop, we are going to share a trading strategy that you can use right after the session. The strategy is simple yet effective and it helps many of my past graduates to earn their first dollar in trading. The best part of it, if you do it right you only need to spend only 30mins a day in trading.

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Source: Forex100 Academy