Entrepreneurs Programme Attracts Strong Startups worth US$50m

2020-07-07 10:59

NEXEA Angels Sdn Bhd (NEXEA), a Malaysia-based start-up investment company launched the Entrepreneurs Programme on 19thMay 2020, in collaboration with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It aims to bring together exclusive private groups of CEOs of local startup organisations so – together – they accelerate their companies’ growth and learn from their peers.

Through this programme, NEXEA is committed to assisting the local tech entrepreneurs with solving their business challenges by pairing them with successful and experienced CEOs as well as having exclusive monthly full-day meetings whilst fostering a peer-to-peer growth mindset.

Alan Lim, co-founder and former CEO of MediaBlanc Group, who is also one of the mentors of this programme said, “By cultivating a growth mindset, CEOs are able to establish an environment of openness, transparency and risk-taking where they are able to speak about their challenges and failures openly and how they dealt with them; allowing their team members to feel more comfortable to have open discussions. This encourages their peers to treat failure as a learning experience where continuous development is highly encouraged and better still, for the few extraordinary CEOs, treat other CEOs’ failures as theirs and thus, not having to walk the same path.”

Thus far, 30 CEOs of high-growth start-ups have enrolled in the programme, where combined, they are worth more than US$50m. NEXEA is seeking more top-performance entrepreneurs to partake in their programme. The program is still on-going, and it is open to technology startups that are in the early to growth stages with the potential to grow more than 100 million in market size.

“I hope participants from the Entrepreneurs Programme are able to learn from their peers and mentor by looking at different perspectives and finding new ways of solving problems so that they are presented with the best outcomes possible because of the different experiences of peers that we have. And I also hope to see that they will be able to grow their businesses much faster and smarter, together with their peer entrepreneurs rather than being stuck with problems alone” said Ben Lim, the Managing Partner of NEXEA.


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About NEXEA:

NEXEA is a startup investment company that specializes in supporting and funding technology companies that have the potential to be the next technology giants. NEXEA also has services for investors and corporates that want to invest or work with future technology giants.

NEXEA is known for its mentors who are successful ex-entrepreneurs, or C-levels who own or have sold (IPO, M&A) their businesses. The combination of experienced mentors, experts and partners prove potent as the 35+ startups invested by NEXEA have grown 3 to 16 times per year. NEXEA is based in Bandar Sunway, Selangor. Website:


Source: NEXEA