Make a quick escape from KL to these stunning places

2019-11-25 23:09

We all need a break from the busy city sometimes, don’t we? If the crowd at famous tourist destinations like Langkawi turns you off, there are many lesser known places in Malaysia that you can head to over the weekend for a mini-holiday!

1. Kuala Kurau, Perak



Being one of the smaller and lesser known region, Kuala Kurau is not a typical tourist destination. Kuala Kurau sits snugly in the north west part of Perak, about three and a half hour journey from Kuala Lumpur. This charming fishing village celebrates simple life. Cycle along the paddy swamps to the ‘town’ past the old Chinese-style double-storey shop lots. When you’re tired, stop by at a kopitiam for a cup of old school local coffee.


2. Sekinchan, Selangor



Take a break from the exhausting city life and rest easy at this sleepy farming and fishing village about 1.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Soak in the wide scenic views of lush paddy fields, and don’t forget to keep this moment photographed. Head to the Wishing Tree next and get a lucky red cloth to write your wish before throwing it up at the tree. If it gets hung, your wish will come true! Being a fishing village, Seafood is a must have at Sekinchan.


3. Seremban, Negeri Sembilan



The nearest out of all three destinations, Seremban is just an hour away from city centre. Seremban is bustling with small-town charms, beginning with State Museum and Teratak Perpatih where the Minangkabau architecture is reflected. If nature and sports are more your thing, get a dose of both with an ostrich race at the local ostrich farm! Appease your hunger with some scrumptious beef noodles afterwards. Don’t forget to stop at Haji Shariff’s Cendol for dessert and get some siew pau to go.

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