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2014-11-18 11:00
PR Newswire's Visibility Reports are enhanced to produce a more streamlined user experience which is unmatched by other newswires.

HONG KONG, Nov. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the biggest challenges Marketing and PR professionals are facing is measuring results of their campaign effort; however with new technology advancing and the big boom of social media, there are more and more tools and resources to help make their jobs easier.

For press release efforts, PR Newswire's Visibility Reports offer communications professionals insights into how their releases are resonating with the specific audiences they have targeted with their news. Most importantly, Visibility Reports helps determine their return on newswire investment (ROI). PR Newswire Visibility Reports offer innovative analytics (i.e., Industry Benchmarks, human views versus webcrawler hits) and a breadth of data (i.e., media views, organization views, etc.) which is unmatched by other newswires.

PR Newswire launched a new version of the Visibility Reports (VR3) recently, which was developed to further streamline the interface for clients, making the reports easier to navigate, understand and share. Here are some of the key new features:

  • Fewer tabs, more value: The reporting sections have been reorganized and the number of reporting sections (tabs) has been reduced from eight to five (Overview, Distribution, Traffic, Audience, Engagement) to provide an easier progression through the data. 
PR Newswire’s New Visibility Reports streamlined into five intuitive tabs. 
PR Newswire’s New Visibility Reports streamlined into five intuitive tabs.
  • Visuals: VR3 debuts new and enhanced dynamic graphics -- telling the story of clients' release results in the blink of an eye. Many of the metrics will also feature updated "mouse over data," providing additional background on the statistics displayed. 
  • Enhance Exports: Export and sharing options will now include the option to download visuals in a variety of formats (PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG Vector image). It will be easier than ever to incorporate Visibility Reports' data and graphics in clients' own custom reports. 
  • Key Metrics or Detailed Analysis? Your Pick: Some customers just want key metrics while others like detailed analysis. So to satisfy everyone, the new report tabs have the key metrics highlighted right at the top of the page, a summary section showing a visual breakdown of the data, and all the details in expandable tables with pie graphs where appropriate. 
  • Greater Integration of Multimedia: VR3 now shows data on traffic to customers' multimedia assets with all the other traffic data. Hence there is no separate multimedia tab and these views, plays and downloads can be found in the Traffic tab. 
  • New format of VR reports email
    The emails will contain more metrics such as: 

    Content & timing: Instead of focusing solely on the results of PR Newswire syndication network, the new email reports will include a sprinkling of data from throughout VR3. Clients will be able to choose to receive emails at the following intervals after distribution: 2 hours (default); 24 hours (optional), 48 hours (default), 5 days (default) & 30 days (default). As such, the emails that PR Newswire sends out with these links can be referred to by the time frame of the email delivery, as in the 2-hour report, the 24-hour report, etc. 

    The subject line: The new subject line will display the headline of the release, along with the timing of the report. 

    Example: WowLighting Exposes LED Myths... PR Newswire 2 hour report. 

    The number of links: Instead of sending ALL online postings, VR3 will send the top 25 online postings for arelease, based on visitors per day, however clients will always be able to view all postings by simply clicking on the Instant Access link in the email or via the new Distribution tab within the Visibility Reports platform.
An example of a new VR3-2 hour email 
An example of a new VR3-2 hour email

To learn more about VR3, please contact our client services team at +852-2572­-8228 or email us

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