PR Newswire Strengthened its Distribution Network with the addition of 325 New Content Partners in Asia Pacific

2024-02-02 14:38
  • 325 content partners were added in 2023, bringing the total number to a whopping 2.2K+ in APAC
  • 13K more journalists have opted in to receiving press releases from the wire service provider in real-time, bringing the total to 100K active contacts in APAC

HONG KONG, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- PR Newswire, the leading global provider of news distribution and earned media services, remains at the forefront of the PR news industry with an ever-growing pool of content partners, journalists, and influencers in the Asia-Pacific Region. This remarkable achievement has been made possible by the support of more than 2.2K content partners, and 100K journalists across the region, fostering unparalleled growth and enhanced access to news sources.

The continuous expansion of PR Newswire's content partner portfolio in 2023 demonstrates the organization's commitment to connecting clients with a wider audience, enabling them to generate impactful engagement and reach through a trusted distribution channel.

Highlights of PR Newswire's Content Partnerships in APAC

  • Key content partnerships were secured in different markets:
    • Greater China: PR Newswire secured 179 partnerships, which include 124 in mainland China, 25 in Hong Kong, 6 in Macau and 25 in Taiwan. Some notable wins include China Daily, China Energy, FT Chinese,, China Reports, Macau News Agency, LINE TODAY, ESGN, Blockchain News, Economic Daily News (Taiwan), The News Lens, DigiTimes and Quament.

    • Japan: 2023 saw twice as many content partnerships as the previous year. This successful streak continued when PR Newswire resumed cooperation with Kyodo, Japan's largest news agency. Puzzlepiece Inc., Iwate Nippo, and Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting, Inc. are some of our newly added partners for the year.

    • South Korea: It was also a year of meaningful growth for the region as it saw 31 additional influential media outlets added in 2023, such as, ZUM, Newstong and Blockchain Today.

    • Australia and New Zealand: PR Newswire's valuable collaboration with Australian Associated Press (AAP) continues to grow, further enhancing the ANZ local media coverage.

    • Southeast Asia: A total of 94 sites were added in the Southeast Asia markets, including The Manila Times, The Malaysian Reserve, Vulcan Post, and Vietnam Plus, which is under the national news agency of VNA. Antara in Indonesia, a national news agency is also among some of the key newly added content partners in 2023. All reflecting the company's commitment to delivering impactful and widespread coverage across these vital regions.

Additionally, PR Newswire achieved a significant milestone in 2023 by adding 13K journalists to its database in the Asia Pacific region, bringing the total number of journalists in its network to an impressive 100K, emphasizing the platform's continued growth and expanding reach across the region.

PR Newswire APAC Network Overview
PR Newswire APAC Network Overview

Global Network Enhancement
R Newswire has partnered with two of the largest national news agencies in India, PTI and ANI, enhancing our India Premium circuit. These additions will not only guarantee distributions to the networks of the two agencies, but also to 10-20 more news portals in India.

Two significant partners were signed globally, including Associated Press (AP), which has begun feeding PR Newswire's content to 1.2K of its international media outlets across North America, LATAM, EMEIA, and APAC. PR Newswire also added new Yahoo sites to its network and gained extended access to some of Yahoo's international sites in different countries and regions, including Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Latin America, Singapore and Taiwan.

Connecting Businesses with the Media
In 2023, PR Newswire held several events in mainland China, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Sydney, and Jakarta connecting the PR and Media professionals.

Media tour events aimed to give the PR professionals a peek into the behind-the-scenes of the process editors & journalists undergo by visiting their offices and studios. Media gathering events were held in several cities aiming to connect the media industry and share the latest findings.

Clients and staff of PR Newswire on a media tour.
Clients and staff of PR Newswire on a media tour.

A media gathering event hosted by PR Newswire.
A media gathering event hosted by PR Newswire.

Outlook and Commitment for 2024
"The addition of content partners in 2023 is a humbling testament to PR Newswire's continued efforts in striving for excellence in our products and services, while maintaining the growth of our content network and journalists," said Lynn Liu, Vice President of Audience Development and Distribution Services at PR Newswire. He adds that, "As we look towards 2024, we are fully committed to continuously enhancing our network capabilities in the Asia Pacific region."

There are also exciting plans for 2024 with the introduction of new products, including the highly anticipated APAC Premium English Circuit. This circuit will encompass an extensive network covering key markets such as China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Securing an extensive network of content partners allows the clients of PR Newswire to nurture more long-term relationships and networking opportunities in the future. A more mutually beneficial partnership can pave the way to more collaborations, which would inherently drive growth and conversions for communications professionals.

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