Product Upgrade | PR Newswire Launches Integrated Visibility Reports

2021-05-13 15:51

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance customer experience, PR Newswire is launching integrated Visibility Reports. This single and unified report merges the ReleaseWatch and Visibility Reports to help our customers analyze press release performance regardless of distribution region(s).

From 17 May 2021 onwards, our customers will receive integrated Visibility Reports after sending press releases.

What are the benefits our customers can expect from this integration?

Greater Convenience: Previously, customers would receive ReleaseWatch Reports when sending releases to most Asia-Pacific markets and/or Visibility Reports when distributing to non-APAC markets. Integrating these two reports will provide our customers with greater convenience especially for global press releases involving multiple languages.

Enhanced Measurement Features: Measurement is a key component of any communications strategy. With the “Release Performance” feature’s unified reporting, our customers can now track pickup and views statistics of press releases while comparing the performance of up to three releases distributed over the past four years.

VR Release Performance

In addition, the new “Account Performance” feature provides additional in-depth metrics of all releases for the past 12 months including views across time, distribution regions as well as views from specific media outlets and organizations.

VR Report Activity Trends

Understand Media Communications Impact: Customers will be able to analyze statistics on public and media views from PR Newswire’s media distribution network, for example, the specific outlet and organization names that viewed the release and the geographical region where the views originated from.

VR Report Release Views

Analyze Long-tail Communications Impact: To help customers analyze the long-tail communications impact of their releases, besides emailing a release’s report updates at the 2-hour and 48-hour mark after distribution, additional updates will be sent 5 days and 30 days after distribution. Customers may customize their email preferences, such as the report language and update intervals in the Visibility Reports Settings page.


To help our customers better understand the integrated Visibility Reports, our team has prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). You may also get in touch with our team at


  • What are the benefits that I will enjoy through the launch of the integrated Visibility Reports?
    You will get a unified report and enjoy the same, consistent reporting format - regardless of distribution region – to make it easier to analyze the global performance of your press releases. Previously, customers would receive ReleaseWatch Reports when sending releases to most APAC markets and/or Visibility Reports when distributing to non-APAC markets. You may choose English, Simplified Chinese as well as Traditional Chinese languages for increased convenience.

  • When will the integrated Visibility Reports be launched?
    On 17 May 2021. For multi-language releases, if the first language was distributed before this launch date, the distribution report for all language copies of that release will appear in the original Visibility Reports and ReleaseWatch Reports, not the integrated Visibility Reports.

  • Can I continue to see historical Visibility Reports and ReleaseWatch Reports?
    Yes. Releases sent before 17 May 2021 may still be viewed through the Customer Portal. Please contact Customer Relations if you do not have access. Weblinks embedded in past email notifications will continue to work.

  • Can historical Visibility Reports and ReleaseWatch Reports be migrated to the new APAC Visibility Report format?
    Only releases distributed on or after 17 May 2021 will be migrated hence past reports will maintain status quo.

  • Which distribution circuits are not covered by the integrated Visibility Reports?
    Distribution circuits that receive manual email reports will not be covered, such as Arabic for the Middle East, Turkish for Turkey. Please contact Customer Relations for the full details.

  • Where can I get more information about integrated Visibility Reports features?
    Please visit our help site at or contact Customer Relations for assistance.
Source: PR Newswire