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IoT Jakarta 2017


IoT Indonesia is held annually in Jakarta, Indonesia and brings together the telecommunications companies, government agencies and current/potential enterprise users of IoT. It represents the largest event in the annual calendar of Asia IoT Business Platform.

With the world’s fourth largest population of 235 million and number of mobile subscriptions of 297 million, the market potential for IoT in Indonesia is massive. Looking at the various industries in Indonesia, by 2030, the automotive sector is estimated to have 46 million vehicles on the street; the utility sector will see 83 million homes for the 300-million population, while 57 million Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will contribute to the economic growth.


This is a dynamic industry platform that should not be missed if you want to understand more about enterprise digital transformation and IoT in Indonesia, understand businesses’ needs and challenges in adopting IoT, and establish important connections that will benefit you and your organisation in many ways.

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