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The 2nd China Digital Retail Summit 2017


The year 2017 is seen as China's "first year of new retail". Driven by integration of online and offline and big data technologies, the traditional retail industry starts accelerating its digital transformation process to realize smart retail and restructure its type of operation. Large e-commerce enterprises, such as Alibaba Group and, are also actively expanding to offline channels, by joining hands with traditional retail entity enterprises and creating the "new retail" concept, to build an integrated and full-scenario ecological circle of" entity + internet "centering on people, commodities and scenarios for consumers. 

Digital transformation of the retail industry represents the general trend. Focusing on the topic of "digitalization of people, commodities and scenarios— realizing smart retail", this summit invites domestic and international retailers, brand marketers, noted consulting firms, e-commerce platforms and retail technology providers to discuss hot topics, such as construction of digital channels, innovation of digital marketing, digitalization of commodities, smart logistics (supply chain), and seek and explore paths to full-scenario digital transformation of the retail industry, so as to improve consumers' experience and efficiency inside the retail enterprises.

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