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(CANCELLED) Content to Commerce & Conversion 2018



Welcome to Content to Commerce & Conversion 2018 – This year, we explore many exciting strategies for content to commerce with newer and better models that publishing and editorial need to blend in with commerce in their future business model. Join us in this event which has a great line up of globally based speakers from various digital media organizations as they deliberate the industry’s most pressing hot topics. Listen in to many wise insights and understanding on building better business revenue streams for the future of digital content publishing.

Listen to how these rainmakers blend commerce strategies with content - and make it work successfully. These global digital media strategists will share their insights and experiences in monetising content with new models implemented.


Mat Yurow - Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy, Wirecutter, The New York Times

Sam Rosen - Head of Growth, The Atlantic Media

Dominik Grau - Chief Innovation Officer, Ebner Media Publishing

Anjali Kapoor – Head of Digital, APAC, Bloomberg

Nick Flood - Product & Commercial Operations Director, Digital, Dennis Publishing

Wu Chen - Managing Director, The Economist Global Business Review, Shanghai

Alan Soon – CEO & Co-Founder, The Splice Newsroom

Eric Olander - Managing Editor, Ford Asia Pacific Content Factory

Jason Scott – CEO, Allure Media

Cyril Drouin - Chief E-Commerce Officer Greater China, Publicis Communications

Rishad Patel - Co-Founder, The Splice Newsroom

Nicola Eliot – Head of Content, BBC News Worldwide

Joshua Wilwohl – Producer, Automotive Events

Steve Madden – Owner, Mana Content Systems

Mélissa Cecilie-Desfontaines – Brand Strategy Director, Ad You Like It


Latest insights on these hot button issues of the industry:

·        What will the future of publishing be like? From content to commerce to conversion strategies. Is e-commerce the future? Rethinking new models and streams of revenue.

·        What opportunities lie ahead at the confluence of publishing & commerce? Ways content producers and publishers can develop new revenue streams for content & news publishing.

·        Focus on China market – WeChat as a platform to engage prospective audience and build a rich user experience and new revenue model. The way ahead.

·        Strategies for re-purposing content in a dynamic world to maximize revenues.

·        Learn from these new rainmakers at publishing – case studies on how these global top publishers blend commerce strategies with content - and make it work successfully.

·        Monetizing platforms & technology for maximizing revenue opportunities.

·        Using dynamic response mobile marketing strategies to convert and accelerate conversion, generate more leads and increase engagements.

·        Integrating data science and data analysis into content monetizing strategies.

·        Content & commerce and customer acquisition – new strategies for accelerating subscription based businesses.

·        Elsewhere – revenues coming from outside the publishing arena / other forms of revenue streams (white label, native ads, blogs and podcasting, social strategies, new strategies for accelerating subscription based businesses).

·        With new e-commerce strategies, how can Publishers better manage platform dependence?

·        Understanding the best optimal mix for publisher, content, e-retailer and commerce partnerships.

·        Native content strategies - Are we experiencing peak native content as costs rise but campaign amounts do not?

·        Organizational & resource management – An overview of policies, structure, resource and management strategies to best manage and maintain a strong editorial voice and integrity, while ensuring a good balance for commerce related content strategies? Leverage human resources & processes in order to support commerce strategies.

About Content to Commerce & Conversion 2018

This 4th edition of Asher Russell’s digital journalism and digital media world summit series which will be focusing on the business and commerce side of things – to provide the latest strategic understanding on better models that publishing and editorial content needs when including commerce / e-commerce strategies.

Registration Details - Email us at

Group participation – Please email Ida at

Organised by Asher Russell Pte Ltd.

·        Date: 19 – 20 March 2018 (Monday - Tuesday)

·        Venue: One Farrer Hotel Singapore (Ballroom)

·        9am – 5.30 pm daily

·        Admission: Business and trade professionals (paid registration)


·        Website:

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