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Salesgasm's Intrigue Summit


Intrigue Summit Singapore 2018

It is commonly heard by many delegates who attend events and conferences around the world that their marketing problems were not solved at the events they attended.

We at Intrigue wanted to change that perspective. We wanted to organize an event where not only problems are solved through Q&As, Debates and Discussions but also Networking is stressed upon.

Intrigue Summits are a new breed of conferences where the audience plays dual role of subject expert as well as the delegate with a question. The delegates ask a question and it is answered on the spot by another audience member and/or the moderator/s who are experts in that subject. With ample networking time (Tea, lunch and cocktail), the answers convert into solutions and attendees convert into friends. It is an event where business dialog starts because someone had a solution to a marketing problem.

Welcome to Intrigue Singapore. Be prepared for a whole new event experience.

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