#AsiaRocks Exhibition Gathers Ecosystem Builders Across APAC in Taiwan to Boost the Region's Startup Ecosystem Scene

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TAIPEI, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) will be holding a regional conference with the aim of helping local and overseas startups expand their businesses in this thriving APAC region while strengthening the ties between different countries' startup ecosystems.

#AsiaRocks is TSS's three-day event which will be held in Taipei with the main exhibition taking place on November 13th, 2019. One feature that makes #AsiaRocks stand out is the nature of the event. TSS has noted that many startup events around the globe have a more international focus and for the ones that do have a focus on the Asian market, many cross-border resources are not well known to the startups that want to expand overseas.

The startup scene in Asia may be young compared to places like Silicon Valley in the United States; however, it is booming and has produced more than one third of the world's 331 "unicorns" as of April 2019[1]. Taiwan is one of the budding entrepreneurial hubs in the region and even though the island has yet to produce a "unicorn", "the government" has pledged to boost the startup scene by providing tax credits and establishing laws that encourage foreign talent, among other things.

#AsiaRocks Exhibition Gathers Ecosystem Builders Across APAC in Taiwan to Boost the Region’s Startup Ecosystem Scene
#AsiaRocks Exhibition Gathers Ecosystem Builders Across APAC in Taiwan to Boost the Region’s Startup Ecosystem Scene

#AsiaRocks, however, gathers different resources including the ecosystem builders throughout Asia together to pro-actively offer regional startups all rounded advice on how to make their business successful.

"Most countries in Asia, by themselves, face the same issues in building up their startup ecosystem including market size, capital and lack of talent. The Silo approach does not work. United by a common spirit, language and culture of entrepreneurship, #AsiaRocks is the first of many events and programs designed to build and operate a stronger Asia startup ecosystem," said Leroy Yau, Co-founder and CEO of Taiwan Startup Stadium.

#AsiaRocks exhibitors and speakers include:

  • Taiwan: Taiwan Startup Stadium, Taiwan Tech Arena, Startup Terrace, MOX, AppWorks and DIT Startup
  • Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, and Hong Kong Cyberport
  • Japan: The Japan External Trade Organization, Fukuoka Growth Next, Fukuoka City GSC, EDGEof, Invest Tokyo, ProtoStar and FINOLAB
  • New Zealand: Zino Innovation Hub and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Thailand: RISE and The National Innovation Agency & Startup Thailand
  • Indonesia: SEA Bridge
  • Korea: Seoul Startup Hub
  • Australia: Startup Bootcamp

This three-day event will offer exhibitions, keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking opportunities to provide unique "cross-border, market-entry" content for the participants. It will also provide access to key players and resources from Asian markets, opportunities to deep dive into the different startup ecosystems, a closer look into investment trends, "government subsidy programmes", and soft-landing services of these regions.

About Taiwan Startup Stadium

Established in 2015, Taiwan Startup Stadium is Taiwan's leading ecosystem builder that cultivates global-minded entrepreneurs and showcases innovative Taiwanese startups to the world. TSS has served 180+ startups with 100+ mentors, 500+ investors and 30+ corporations so far. Apart from providing access to a broad network of ecosystem players, TSS also provides coaching programs through extensive bootcamps, workshops and seminars to help entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey throughout Asia.

"We are a team of global citizens based in Taiwan with the ambition and capacity to build a stronger and more sustainable startup ecosystem in Asia. We will be the ultimate 'window' for the world to connect with Asian startups, investors, innovating corporates as well as other relevant assets and resources. We started almost 5 years ago to help build out the Taiwan startup ecosystem from scratch and now we are ready to tackle this next big challenge - to unite the Asia startup ecosystem," concluded Yau. 

Looking forward, TSS will hold its Term Sheet Bootcamp again in 2020. Now in its fourth year, the event has so far attracted more than 400 attendees. This includes more than 70 international venture capitalists and 120 innovative startup CEOs from a dozen of countries.

TSS will also help startups to take part in at least two of the main international startup exhibitions in 2020. This year, the group brought a number of startups to attend four overseas conferences including Collision, Techsauce, RISE, and TechCrunch Disrupt.

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