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  • Inaugural Annual Conference Organised By Bull Bear Vector Encourages Responsible Investing
  • Attendees Will Be Invited To Make Their Pledge Towards The Investing For Good Movement

SINGAPORE, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Investing has long been recognised as a powerful tool for growing wealth and securing a comfortable future. With the potential to outpace inflation and generate substantial returns, investing offers individuals the opportunity to achieve financial independence and safeguard their assets against the erosive effects of rising costs. However, despite the myriad of benefits, many investors find themselves losing out due to a lack of knowledge of understanding. The inaugural Investing For Good conference aims to change this narrative by providing attendees with valuable insights and education on the intricacies of professional investing.

Organised by Bull Bear Vector (BBV), Investing For Good recognises individuals who invest responsibly by doing proper due diligence, acquiring the right knowledge and skills to enter the investment market confidently. The conference aims to share more on what professional investing is all about and empower attendees with the tools to invest on their own and will take place on 22 June 2023 from 6pm10pm at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1, and Training Room 1-1. Priced at $28 per ticket, 20 % of ticket sales will be donated to the Gold Tree Foundation (GTF). GTF is an initiative that aims to uplift communities and make a difference in the lives of those in need. They support a wide range of charitable causes, from food to educational charities. Some of the beneficiaries that will receive the money collected from the sales of the conference tickets are the Sree Narayana Mission and the Humanitarian Community Services Association (HCSA).

Attendees will not only get a chance to network with others with the same interests, but also get to hear from some of the best representatives in the industry. Experts such as Leonard Eng from TD Ameritrade SG, James Yoong from IPP Financial Advisers and David Neubronner from Sotheby's International Realty will be present to share their professional insights with attendees and help bridge the gap between misinformation and investing. Those who are down on the day can also expect exciting events such as quizzes, games, workshops and more. Some valuable takeaways that attendees will learn from the event include the use of SMART goals, which stands for the following:

  • Specific: Setting specific investment goals by identifying the reason for investing and how much to invest
  • Measurable: Attaching a specific dollar amount to investment goals
  • Achievable: Ensuring that goals set do not lower motivation and pull resources away from other goals
  • Relevant: Aligning investment goals with broader values and motivations
  • Time-bound: Setting an end-date to the investment goal to help calculate how much is needed to invest and to provide a sense of urgency.

The conference also aims to impart three key values — accountability, responsibility, and ethics. Attendees will be encouraged to be accountable for their financial position and say no to over-leveraging and responsible for the possible impact of their investment decisions. On top of that, attendees will also learn to make a positive contribution towards society with their investments and avoid investing in industries known to cause harm.

Jeremy Tan, CEO of Bull Bear Vector says: "With Investing For Good, we aim encourage individuals to be stewards for positive impact, to invest responsibly and ethically and are accountable for their actions by exercising proper due diligence. We hope to empower all with the right skills and knowledge to enter the investment market with confidence."

While strong financial knowledge and decision-making skills are required of a good investor, so is practice, which helps one learn from their mistakes. However, not all may have the time nor energy for them to practice and gain experience. Hence, the Investing For Good Movement aims to provide a community of individuals who are committed to supporting this community of investors with the right knowledge to invest the smart, simple, and safe way. Attendees at the conference will be invited to make their pledge as a symbol of their commitment and support for likeminded investors in the community.

Bull Bear Vector is a portfolio management education platform that aims to simplify investing and provide holistic support to their users, using Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Powered by Core Biz Holdings, BBV uses artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage user preferences and market forces to offer clear direction for investments. The advanced algorithms analyse large amounts of Big Data and present them as simple decisions to users, taking the hassle out of investments. BBV's platform boasts impressive capabilities, such as the ability to find strong stocks, scan fat options and find safe entry and exit in less than five minutes. These capabilities are all backed by expert methodology and inhouse practices to ensure that users can make the most informed decisions.

Bull Bear Vector is revolutionising the investment landscape by offering a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of most people who struggle with financial losses. With its user-friendly platform, simplified investing language, and AI-powered algorithms, Bull Bear Vector empowers retail investors to make informed decisions, reduce risks, and increase their chances of earning in the stock market. With the platform as their guide, users can navigate the stock market with reduced uncertainty and increased safety.

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