"MINISO LOVE" public welfare activity to be held in more than 20 countries

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GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the launch of the brand overseas strategy, MINISO has been developing smoothly. With its cost-effective products, it has become one of the most successful brands developing overseas. In addition to the brand philosophy that MINISO has been adhering to, MINISO has also been taken to the overseas markets with its strong commitment to social responsibility.

Share love with MINISO for helping the cute animals in Australia.
Share love with MINISO for helping the cute animals in Australia.

Wide-coverage and Highly Interactive Love Delivery

More than 20 MINISO markets will participate in the "MINISO LOVE" public welfare activity, including the US and Canada in North America; Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Asia; Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala in South America; UAE and Egypt in the Middle East. In the southern hemisphere, Australia is the core market for the activity, while Spain is the representative market in Europe.

MINISO has been actively responding to global public welfare undertakings with a strong sense of social responsibility. This public benefit activity is jointly held by all the markets, showing MINISO's efforts on becoming a role model of a benevolent enterprise. By innovatively introducing the power of fans through the interaction between fans and the brand, fans can also infuse the public good with love.

The rapid growth and expansion of the brand in the global market cannot be achieved without the love and support of consumers and fans, according to MINISO. As a result, with the help of "MINISO LOVE", MINISO hopes to do something wonderful with fans and give back to the society.

Diversified and Distinctive Public Welfare Projects

Since its inception, MINISO has launched many public welfare activities with different themes in China. For example, it brought the charity project "Yue Du Tong Meng" to remote mountainous areas such as Guangxi, Guangdong and Guizhou to improve the learning environment of children in poor areas. It also worked with the China Women's Development Foundation to hold the "Cataract Charity Activity" in Qinghai, providing free treatment for poor families, so as to rekindle bright hopes for them.

Due to the large range of countries and regions involved in this "MINISO LOVE" overseas public welfare activity, more targeted public welfare projects have been launched. In this activity, each market has great decision-making power in the selection of public welfare projects, which can be tailored to the situation of the regional market.

For example, the recent fire in Australia attracted global attention. MINISO launched a charity donation campaign that will last for 5 months. During the event, the Australian MINISO stores will donate 5 percent of their sales of popular Marvel products to the affected areas, and they are also asking MINISO stores in other overseas markets and shopping malls across Australia to join in the fund-raising activity to bring warmth and love to the fire victims. In Laos and Thailand, "MINISO LOVE" has carried out poverty alleviation activities for primary schools in poor mountainous areas, providing the opportunity for more children from poor families to learn. In the United States, MINISO led fans to adopt 200 Antarctic penguins, hoping to remind them about ecology and nature. In Colombia, MINISO launched the caring campaign for the lonely elderly, giving gifts and love to the elderly.

From children to the elderly, from humanity to the environment, MINISO has always had a strong sense of social responsibility, protecting our homes through these "diversified and distinctive" public welfare projects.

"MINISO LOVE" is the first global theme activity of MINISO, which will be launched every year in the future.

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